“I Delight in her”

This is Yolanda, this is what we got up to yesterday in studio.

Yolanda trains presenters for tv, which I think is an amazing career to have, I can see why she does so well.
She is amazing, creative and has huge plans for really making a difference in our country (which can sometimes feel so bleak these days).

Yolanda’s other name is Hephzibah, which means “I delight in her”. How breathtakingly delightful is she actually?

For a full session, we have time to change outfits and backgrounds, and I was spoilt by Yolanda’s choice of outfits here, designer Psychic by Palesa(amazing designer – we need to chat ;-)).

For boudoir, I normally do silhouettes into the background, because I think it’s beautiful. Here we did more of a detailed shot, because of the gorgeous traditional head ware – this is why I made my reflector boards – I’m getting too clever now.


I adore you! Thank you for an amazing day of creativity, fun, laughter and love.

We will do great things together, I just know it!

I hope you love your portraits as much as I do.

Much Love
Ursula T

Limited Edition Closet Collection

This is new and exciting, you can book your spot online today (you will find it under my shop tab). There is an integrated calendar so you can choose your date and time slot.

Open to men looking for corporate head-shots/personal branding for social media too.

Or bring your partner along and create a beautiful portrait together

Outdoor Portraits

For those that get bored of my indoor studio portraits, I do venture outside when I’m feeling brave enough. Of course I need physical help to do this, but my ladies are always kind enough to help me ;-). This is my studio wall outside, I actually love it now that I am looking at these.

My posing rules remain the same, my lighting rules remain the same and just look how beautiful these are (I just gave myself a pat on the back here lol).

PS this portrait session was for dating site profile pics and also professional pics for linkedin etc we did indoor and outdoor combo

I think I must venture outdoors more often?

Beth, you are so beautiful


One beautiful girl, two outfits

Such privilege I have in my life, I get to photograph women beautifully, for a living. There is nothing else I want to do.

Meet Nishana, a strong, independant woman, world traveler, kind soul, and oh so very beautiful!

This was a first for Nishana, before seeing her portraits, this is what she had to say to potential clients:

” you will feel comfortable and at home. You will feel pampered and extremely excited. You will feel like a celebrity going on a stage”

This is what she had to say to potential clients, after seeing her portraits:

“Don’t even think about, just do it! There are no words to describe how my portraits have made me feel. I am so beautiful, I can’t believe it!”

Dear Nishana,

thank you for a very special session, thank you for trusting me and thank you for loving me and supporting my studio (my dream)!

Much Love

Ursula T



I meet the most incredible women in my studio, I am so honoured and grateful for my life.

There are two beautiful voice testimonies from Ashleigh, which I will put up on my testimony page – totally worth listening to!

Let me photograph you beautifully,

Much Love

Ursula T