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Dear Ursh,


Where do we begin – What an experience!


Firstly, we would like to thank you for making us feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the process.

The day we spent with you was such a spoil and having our hair and make-up done so beautifully before the photoshoot made us feel like a queen and princess.


Your professional manner made us feel exceptionally at home in front of your camera lens which in turn resulted in us taking home naturally beautiful portraits.

You have given us a lifetime of memories not only in the portraits that now elegantly hang on our wall but also as the opportunity to visually acknowledge the connection we have as mother and daughter.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to meet you and experience the talent you hold so closely to your heart.

We are honour to have jumped into this little adventure as it is not every day that we get to meet a talented, humble and inspiring artist!

The experience was unimaginably rewarding and so so worth it.


Lots of love,


Orlanda & Nadia


2nd June 2017:

Dear Ursula,

I have never been one for photos and never in my wildest imagination would I have ever imagined a portrait of myself on the wall in my home. Every age bracket of a person is diverse, sometimes terrifying thrown together with some adventure and excitement.

Having experienced a few of these ever changing moments of life you come to realise how important it is to keep the memories you gain through these moments of life and what better way to do this than photo’s.

A realistic comment made by you on your webpage goes along the lines of how technology is changing and digital prints may become obsolete and we see this in our daily life through all social media so when the idea of doing a portrait popped up on my facebook page I was quite intrigued at the possibility of going through with a portrait.


From the early introduction over email to the day leading up to the photoshoot I felt amazed by the strength you possess and the motivation you can impart in a single conversation. You were extremely accommodating with virtually immediate response time to questions. The makeup artist you had chosen is incredible and friendly and most of all humble.

Before my shoot I was anxious  and edgy as to what to expect but from the time of my arrival I felt the calmness and serenity of the studio and the full hospitality of yourself and Hannelie. Throughout the shoot I felt uplifted and motivated and most of all I felt important which is one of the most amazing feelings that us as human being can feel. After the shoot I felt like a new person, positive motivated and I felt beautiful.

A week later I was awarded with the viewing of the amazing work by yourself and Hannelie. I was blown away by the images, the quality and the entire process of the viewing

Doing this photoshoot was an amazing experience. You and Hannlie are two amazing women who remind women of how amazing and beautiful they can be.

In conclusion, to some up all of the many many comments I can list, all I can say is:

Ursula – You rock!!! I hope that I can attain the strength and will power that you have.  

Thank you for being the amazing person that you are

15 Dec 2016

My experience!


The way you feel when you leave is absolutely mind blowing.

At first my sister and I arrived, feeling insecure, uneasy and weren’t sure what we were supposed to expect. When we had arrived, we didn’t know how to feel about the way we looked and the clothes that we had brought with us.

Once we arrived, immediately in Ursula’s studio, we were comfortable and at ease.

She had a lively make up artist to do our make up and hair, which straight away lifted our spirits. We were secure and felt INCREDIBLE.

Before the shoot we didn’t know what to do as of course it was our first time doing a portrait until the time for the camera came.

Ursula made it feel so relaxing and my sister and I felt like naturals.

We had never felt alive and special, we felt as though we meant the world to the world.

Still to this day my sister and I feel on top of the world and beautiful. I have never had so much confidence.

Ursula is awesome and because of her we can now see that we are awesome too!





Dearest Ursula,

It is not often that one has an opportunity to work with an amazing photographer, I was granted such privilege with you.  There are so many different stages in a womans life, each one not easy, but each one perfectly intended for that woman.  Photographs are a moment in time of this journey of experience of her joys, her loves and her trials.  It captures the beauty of each woman uniquely, that stage in her life – so much behind her and so much to look forward to ahead of her.  Photographs are indeed an incredibly special memoir to have.  Thank you for these stages captured in special moments, each beautiful image depicting the woman that I have become.  Sincerely appreciated.  Much love. Angela

Dear Ursula.

Thank you for the opportunity to be photographed so skillfully.  I had a wonderful time with you, make up and hair beautifully done, nibbles set out and a beautiful photographer and assistant to place me in some incredible poses !  Four hours of absolute fun!  I cant wait to see the moments you have captured and from the work you have previously presented, I have no doubt that the portraits will be absolutely exquisite !!  Thank you for the special care and attention on the day – this will be always incredibly special to me !

Much love



Wow !!! Pics are really fantastic !!! You are very talented !!! Thank you so much !!! Awesome !!!