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My dragonfly Logo

I often get the question about the story behind my logo, and why a dragonfly, here it is:

It is said in many cultures, that the dragonfly brings winds of changes and transformation, i cannot think of a better logo for my personal life journey and photography business.

I have always been fascinated by dragonflies, I always believed they were fairies, my logo I drew myself, and over the years with the help from friends, my photography logo has changed.  I am loving the new design, hope you do too


Portrait_ photographer_johannesburg

new and improved:



Black and White Classic

I had time this week to “play” a little in photoshop, and I found a black and white action that I haven’t used before and thought I would try them out. For me black and white never ages, nor goes out of fashion, it can make a beautiful colour photo, look simply classic…. I found a few more crackers from Gabi and Llewlyn’s wedding at The Cradle and thought I would try them out…. here they are, hope you like em :)…


Hello world!

People are my passion, being able to photograph special people on special occasions is what I enjoy most.  Visit my website at

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