I love fitness and physique shoots. And I love adding a dash of glamour photography to them

My sponsored athlete, Yolandi Hardy, lot’s more to come:

yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful-bw yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful


A Portrait for a Christmas present, how special… This was a fun day indeed


So what is glamour portrait photography?

This is my real passion.

Hair styling, makeup, posing and glamour.

Just like this…



Physique Portraits

if I could create phyique portraits(male and female) and glamour portraits all day lomg. I would be a happy girl indeed.

This is John Lucas from not so long ago.

physique_portrait_photographer_johaannesburg physique_portrait_photographer_johaannesburg_b


Couple’s Portrait

I love shooting couple’s, this Is Nikky and Johnny from last week.

So relaxed, easy to pose and definitely in love.

Here is their portraitcouple_portrait_photographer_johannesburg

Male physique Portraits

And when I am not doing glamour portraits for ladies, I do this! Male physique portraits.
Ivan, EYES FOR DAYS, you rocked it! Thank you for being with me in studio, your portraits are magical, and so are you.

more coming to my blog soon, you will want to see more, trust me 😉