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Makeup Classes

Tina is an incredible woman, and our session was filled with fun, laughter and love.

My viewing of your portraits generally happens the following week, this is where product is ordered. For Tina we are doing my signature 9-up frame as well as a large framed print. Product takes less than two weeks to arrive at studio. This is the print layout of Tina’s 9-up and her single portrait from her session.

Oh so beautiful:

As we are about to launch our Glitz and Glam classes (see transformation classes tab), I thought I would post a pic of some of the makeup included, it is called NEW CID, it is all that I use in my studio, and it is probably the best makeup I have ever used, my makeup artist is in love, and there is no doubt you will love it too.

Next class 29th May (only 6 ladies per class)

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