Sister Portrait

I always enjoy taking the time to go over my portrait shoots from the past, and today I was reminded of how special family is, this portrait of two sisters stood out for me today.



Gift Vouchers

My Studio does personalised gift vouchers for all services on my website.

Valentines is around the corner, why not spoil someone special this year? It will be the most memorable experience guaranteed!


Here is an example of what they look like:



My dragonfly Logo

I often get the question about the story behind my logo, and why a dragonfly, here it is:

It is said in many cultures, that the dragonfly brings winds of changes and transformation, i cannot think of a better logo for my personal life journey and photography business.

I have always been fascinated by dragonflies, I always believed they were fairies, my logo I drew myself, and over the years with the help from friends, my photography logo has changed.  I am loving the new design, hope you do too


Portrait_ photographer_johannesburg

new and improved: