Ursula Tocik Photography, is a portrait photography Studio, offering printed images in various formats. I do believe that technology will change dramatically and certain digital file technologies will become obsolete, however a print is here to stay and can be cherished by loved ones for years and generations to come. Let’s be honest, how many digital files or cd’s with digitals, are lying in your drawer or on your computer somewhere, never printed, stolen or lost and never to be seen again?

I have had so many past clients coming to me saying ” my computer was stolen with all my images, please tell me you still have a copy somewhere”, truth is, I used to archive most shoots (which has a cost attached to it) but after a period of time, I completely delete my digital files in a never ending battle of needing storage space for new shoots. for this reason, and many more, such as I believe in existing in portraits hung on a wall, not in a drawer, I have moved over to prints/canvases,framing etc. I love this idea, and you should too.


Here is a FREE download of my portrait pdf, which should have everything you need in it.. from the actual day to pricing etc, I’m always available to answer your questions too

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It really is difficult to judge sizes by here, so I normally do a client consult before shoot and at your personal viewing to discuss options and pricing. Studio samples available