Limited Edition Closet Collection


R13,500.00 R3,499.00



About the competition:

  • You will need to book and pay for your session by 31st May 2019 (using cart functionality above – it is safe and fast). You can pay by credit card, debit card or direct eft.
  • Your contact details will be collected at checkout, so that we can advise if you have won and also set up your session.
  • For those that don’t win, you are getting this package, normally valued at R13,500, at the fantastic price of R3,499 AND we have added extra value to it for the duration of the competition (see about the session below).
  • Winners will be announced on 1st June 2019.
  • You stand a chance to win a full refund of R3,499 and the product offer as below for free.
  • So exciting!
  • Good luck, I will see you soon!



About the session:

This session will offer you the taste of an experience with Ursula T.

I have mulled over this for a long time, consulted with my mentors and partners, and I am finally ready to implement this as a Limited Edition Closet Collection Session. This will be on a strict time schedule with no exclusivity, and on a first come, first served basis.

Ultimately, I believe that every girl deserves a beautiful portrait of herself and this is your chance to be photographed beautifully.

Here is how it works:

I’m only allocating:

Friday 14th June and Friday 28th June

Friday 12th July and Friday 26th July

**You get to pick your date and time below

**there are 5 time slots in a day (filling up from 9:00 am on wards and will need to go in sequence of earliest slot times available please).

**Please remember to pay by credit card, debit card or direct eft for your session using our cart and checkout functionality above (which is safe and fast) FIRST, before selecting and submitting your booking form below.

**Your booking will only be confirmed once paid and these are limited sessions to who pays and books first.

**Select Product: Closet Collection, Each Month is separate, showing date and times available.

Security Code:
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Shooting time is half an hour with ONE outfit.

This is open to men too, looking for corporate head-shots/personal branding portraits for social media.

  • Basic hair styling
        • you will need to arrive with washed, blow waved hair and we will finish off styling here for you.
  • Professional makeup will be applied (unless you are a boy 😉 )
        • This will be one look day makeup,mini glam.
        • if you want lashes, you will need to bring them with you and we will help apply them for you if necessary (Dischem is a good place to buy them)
  • This unfortunately is not avaliable for boudoir sessions (due to other clients coming and going)
  • Please arrive in your outfit of choice. Remember this will be how you want to photographed, so bring your favourite outfit, or something special along. For me, black is always a win as an outfit (no matter body shape or age or skin tone – it works on everyone)
  • You will have a few minutes to view your portrait selection with basic edit.
  • You get to choose 10 digital images  (usually 3) and 1 print – this is more than R13,500 worth of product value.  Anything extra you fall in love with can be purchased additionally and paid for on the day.
  • You may bring your partner/hubby with for a special together portrait if you wish.
  • This beautiful package, is now available at  the fantastic price of only R3,499.
  • Date is reserved on a first come first served basis, so book your spot now, because I believe these slots will fill up very quickly.
  • Arriving on time is imperative, so our next client is not kept waiting and I don’t have to cut down your time further.
  • I am happy to answer any further questions you may have, so feel free to contact me on 0796933784.




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Ursula Tocik Photography

I specialise in beautiful printed portraits, using natural light. My passion is capturing your journey and creating lifetime treasures and heirlooms to leave behind for generations to love and cherish.

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