Yes I have a story, it’s a pretty cool one actually.

My nick name is one handed legend, here’s why:

My name is Ursula Tocik, I am a portrait photographer.

In October 2012, I survived 2 severe strokes which surprised all the doctors and me more I suppose, the second stroke was on the brain stem,  which should have caused death, but I am a rebel like that. It did however leave me half paralysed on my left hand side of my body. So I have had to adapt, and deal with things as is.

I started my career of photography shooting weddings, which is now physically impossible, so I changed genres to studio portraits and fine art photography. I am passionate about my studio and the only thing that has really changed for me, is now I  shoot free hand, with a fixed portrait lens as I cannot use left hand to zoom,  and I use a leather chair with wheels to zoom around my studio using my good leg to do so. I am determined to continue on my journey:

“ I want to take the most beautiful portrait of you, so I invite you to a personal session with me. It  will change the way you see yourself!”

Now more than ever I have a desire to show woman their beauty, it exists in us all, and I see that – let me show you!

It is now that I do not see my own beauty after my calamity or two, that I feel compelled to share and show and perhaps even inspire a soul or two along the way.

My home based studio is based in Chartwell North, Fourways, it is a spacious natural light studio in the country side, I specialise in hair styling, make up and the art of posing to create your perfect portrait.

I believe in existing in printed portraits, technology will change and/or become obsolete, but leaving behind a family heirloom for generations to come,  is priceless!

You can contact me on 079 6933 784 or email:

My blog and past work can be seen on

Below you will see a  video of my interview with Samantha Cowen and Hot 91.9fm, around my story (and you get to “meet me”).

I look forward to photographing you and spending time with you

and yes – this is me: