Oh my goodness Jessica, look at you! Classical beauty. Thank you for a special session.

This is what Jessica had to say:

Ursula. T ” Why did you choose me?”
Jessica: “Overcoming your disability is an inspiration”
Ursula. T ” Why did you do it?”
Jessica: “to feel beautiful, and see myself through someone else’s eyes”
Ursula. T ” How did you feel before, during and after session?”
Jessica: ” a little bit nervous, relaxed and comfortable, beautiful”
Ursula. T ” How do you feel after your viewing”
Jessica: ” I think, wow I am beautiful”

Yes you are Jessica, in every way! Thank you for sharing that with me.


Tina is an incredible woman, and our session was filled with fun, laughter and love.

My viewing of your portraits generally happens the following week, this is where product is ordered. For Tina we are doing my signature 9-up frame as well as a large framed print. Product takes less than two weeks to arrive at studio. This is the print layout of Tina’s 9-up and her single portrait from her session.

Oh so beautiful:

Woman’s day competition winners

For those that remember, I ran a woman’s day competition, that went viral, which I am grateful for, it was rather exciting.

Belinda was my winner, and her bestie Lara joined us from Durban. What a special day this was for me. They are simply amazing, I really do get to meet some amazing women in my life, I am blessed.

So the prize was my extra large canvas valued at R12,000.00, which is almost life size. But as it was a double makeover, I wanted both of them to have their own canvas, so that is what we are doing, each will get their own large canvas, (total value R12,000.00)

Here is what we did and this is one canvas chosen. I love shooting black on black, it is gorgeous, and just look at my pretties from the session.

Have a beautiful day all.

Much love
Ursula. T


This is my moon and stars, Angelique (11), who “booked” me for a portrait session and paid with making me coffee and breakfast, it was a good deal, so naturally I took the deal 😉

When shooting little ladies, it is important to shut down the body language, as opposed to ladies, where we open up body language to show sensuality.

These are my favourite little lady poses, that still show innocence and cuteness:

Today is a very special day for me. I am celebrating 5 years stroke survival. Today 5 years ago, my whole life was turned upside down in the blink of an eye;

For 5 years, I have not been able to walk on my own,
For 5 years, I have had no use of my left arm,
For 5 years, I have fought my inner demons to adapt and move forward.
For 5 years, I have conquered my fears, my urge to give up,

Today – Here I am, adapted, smiling, incredibly passionate about my studio and my clients – and I have no more tears, only love and gratitude for all my blessings.

Today, I am a survivor and warrior woman, and I determine my path to happiness and success.

Today, I celebrate, because life is good, I am alive and I am doing things that all the doctors said I would never do.

This is why, my mission is to empower women to embrace their own beauty through my portrait photography. Today, I feel beautiful and strong and happy.

Wishing you all a beautiful day.

Much love
Ursula. T