Mom and Daughter

Mom and daughter portrait session, so beautiful.

Generations will treasure these, and I think to be remembered beautifully like this, is what it is all about for me, when I create portraits.

It has purpose and meaning, and that is what makes my life and what I do so special to me.

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This is Marise and Ime’


Fine art nude portraits

I have my own style for creating semi nude portraits.
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I love fitness and physique shoots. And I love adding a dash of glamour photography to them

My sponsored athlete, Yolandi Hardy, lot’s more to come:

yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful-bw yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful



Classic beauty shot and a fitness portrait.

Yolandi Hardy, lots more coming.

yolandi_hardy_beauty_portrait fitness_portrait_johannesburg_yolandi_hardy

This is my fitness girl. Yolandi Hardy, we had an amazing first portrait shoot together.

Fitness portraits with a dash of glamour.

I am so incredibly passionate about my photography portrait business, and when I get to work with someone with equal passion, you can only make magic .

fitness_portrait fitness_portrait_johannesburg yolandi_hardy_portrait