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Oh my goodness Jessica, look at you! Classical beauty. Thank you for a special session.

This is what Jessica had to say:

Ursula. T ” Why did you choose me?”
Jessica: “Overcoming your disability is an inspiration”
Ursula. T ” Why did you do it?”
Jessica: “to feel beautiful, and see myself through someone else’s eyes”
Ursula. T ” How did you feel before, during and after session?”
Jessica: ” a little bit nervous, relaxed and comfortable, beautiful”
Ursula. T ” How do you feel after your viewing”
Jessica: ” I think, wow I am beautiful”

Yes you are Jessica, in every way! Thank you for sharing that with me.

Maternity Portrait

I never do sneak peeks before a client’s viewing, because I want to keep the magic going and I want my clients to have first sight of their portraits before posting. Here I am making an exception a) because I love it and b) because it will be a while still till Raaesa sees her final edited images.

This is Raaesa, and she is beautiful!
And this is my new posing wall, I didn’t Stand after all for this series, my nerves got the better of me, but I am love with this moody look and feel on my textured suede wall with directional natural light. It has it’s own look and feel and for me, well I love creating interesting portraits. I will post a flat natural light image next, so you can see the difference in styles.

Book your maternity sessions ladies! I love shooting bumps

Much love
Ursula. T

hmua: Tracey

cockatoo and couple

Now this little birdy was amazing, she had so much fun, and barked at my puppies, danced and posed. I am talking about Roxy the cockatoo, although Lauren was pretty spectacular herself 😉

This is our cockatoo / couple/ glam session from last week, more to follow

Lauren and Jacques, and Lynda and roxy, thank you for an incredible experience!


Andrew Portrait

A little while ago, I posted around my 50 and fabulous portrait session for Andrew.

I couldn’t think of a better gift to give him, a little piece of my soul and a whole lot of love goes into each session that I do. When product is delivered, my soul literally does a happy dance!

Here are some cell phone snappies showing size, and placement of portrait. I chose this spot for Andrew’s portrait, because firstly there is skylight that not only lights by day but by night too, secondly, the stair well and upper deck to his house are a noticeable feature.

PS Tom is his eldest son, called me to say thank you and to tell me that this is his one day, he loves how I have captured his dad for all eternity. Special family heirloom here indeed



Men’s Portrait

My gift to my “hubby” was a Fifty and fabulous portrait session.

I will be printing a large canvas for him soon, as a family heirloom, to pass down to his sons, Tom and luke, to be passed down to their children, and their children, and so on.

Of course my puppy Spartacus had to jump into a shot.

Because sometimes I photograph men and pets too:

Ime the incredibly beautiful Matric Final year of school portrait session.
Wouldn’t you want your daughters to remember their milestones with a professional portrait?
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Mom and Daughter

Mom and daughter portrait session, so beautiful.

Generations will treasure these, and I think to be remembered beautifully like this, is what it is all about for me, when I create portraits.

It has purpose and meaning, and that is what makes my life and what I do so special to me.

Book your portrait session, you won’t regret it


This is Marise and Ime’


portrait photographer


Fine art nude portraits

I have my own style for creating semi nude portraits.
How do you wish to be photographed?
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Ursula T 0796933784

I love fitness and physique shoots. And I love adding a dash of glamour photography to them

My sponsored athlete, Yolandi Hardy, lot’s more to come:

yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful-bw yolandi_hardy_portrait_beautiful