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I never do sneak peeks before a client’s viewing, because I want to keep the magic going and I want my clients to have first sight of their portraits before posting. Here I am making an exception a) because I love it and b) because it will be a while still till Raaesa sees her final edited images.

This is Raaesa, and she is beautiful!
And this is my new posing wall, I didn’t Stand after all for this series, my nerves got the better of me, but I am love with this moody look and feel on my textured suede wall with directional natural light. It has it’s own look and feel and for me, well I love creating interesting portraits. I will post a flat natural light image next, so you can see the difference in styles.

Book your maternity sessions ladies! I love shooting bumps

Much love
Ursula. T

hmua: Tracey

Laken and brett:

This was a couple’s maternity shoot, and Laken’s tummy is so tiny! I was huge at this stage.

Here is their portrait


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Here is an example of what they look like:



Another portrait for Mike and Terri

nothing has changed in my 9 years of photography, I am still so in love with a black and white portrait. Timeless and beautiful



Terri Pregnancy Portrait Shoot

I love pregnant woman, they have such unbelievable beauty. Terri came into studio for a glamour styled makeover portrait shoot with her hubby Mike.

they were amazing, I still joked with Mike to ask if he had been practicing his posing in the mirror he was such a natural.

A beautiful couple, a beautiful pregnant woman, and beautiful portraits!

One for Terri:

Makeup artist: BIanca – The Makeup Alchemist

Hair stylist: Isabel

Product: New CID Cosmetics (available for order through studio)



Maternity/Pregnancy Portrait sessions

Now that I am a studio based portrait photographer, I am adding a gallery of maternity pictures for you to see my style and posing for those beautiful bumps of yours.

It is always best to do a maternity shoot closer to end of term where your tummy is visible, and obviously before you are feeling too  uncomfortable. I do take care with my pregnant fairies in studio and work around your comfort levels. I too have been pregnant and understand how tired one can get.



More from Kara

editing done, quick and easy, two more BW shots from the beautiful Kara.

I must say, my passion has been ignited and I look forward to many more amazing shoots.




Kara Maternity shoot

so I am pretty sure that everyone following my story knows that I survived a severe stroke in 2012, and am classified as disabled now, my passion has always been photography, and yes I have had to adapt and move away from weddings due to phphysical challenges, but I am so grateful that I have a story to tell and that I can follow through with my passion for photography, in new adventures. two shots from Sunday Maternity/pregnancy shoot, thank you to my beautiful client that was patient, caring, understanding, and for her inner beauty which shined all through the shoot! Amazing, gorgeous and im so grateful!!
I was one of those shoots, where I couldn’t get enough shots, wanted to stay all day, and editing awesome, quick and loved it 🙂
thank you beautiful lady, job made easy!!
photographer_johannesburg_maternity-weba photographer_johannesburg_maternity-web-b


where I’m Going

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Studio opening soon, oh so excited. whilst I am physically unable to shoot weddings any longer, I am super stoked to be moving to portrait photography, including glamour photography. I will be posting more about my new venture on a regular basis, and I appologise for my blog being so quite. I do have a story to tell and I am so grateful to be here to share it. Keep posted, my blog is going to get busy busy.

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