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For those of you that know a little about me,

2 severe strokes have left me half paralysed, going on 4 years soon! What a ride!

But here I am, with a gorgeous natural light studio, still shooting and doing what I love most.

Here is my latest portrait, I figure if I can pose my broken body, I can most certainly pose the gorgeous woman I am privileged to meet for their portrait shoots.


This is me:

p portrait_photographer_johannesburgA


makeup lessons

As we are about to launch our Glitz and Glam classes (see transformation classes tab), I thought I would post a pic of some of the makeup included, it is called NEW CID, it is all that I use in my studio, and it is probably the best makeup I have ever used, my makeup artist is in love, and there is no doubt you will love it too.

Next class 29th May (only 6 ladies per class)

makeup kitglitz and glam classes


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