Firishta, so beautiful

Oh my!

Just look at how beautiful Firishta is.

Transformation happens here, not only on the outside with hair and makeup, but inside too. Firishta was so scared and nervous before her session. But there was a magic in her which jumped out as we started photographing her.

A goddess, a cover girl, just waiting to be photographed.

We did a glamour and boudoir session and I am so proud of her!

Thank you beautiful Firishta, for trusting me to photograph you, beautifully. Thank you for loving me and supporting my business. I can’t wait to see you in print. I know you are going to look back at your portraits all your days to come and fall in love with yourself, over and over again.

I am honoured to have spent time with you, you are so beautiful!

Much Love

Ursula T


My African Queen

Good Morning lovelies 🙂

My lady from this past Saturday, is coming for her viewing this Saturday, so you will only get to see it afterwards – I save the magic for my clients to see first, I did so well with her session. I am super proud of myself, especially to see how far I have come and how I improve with each session I do.

I’m busy making my favourites folder for this year so far. Which I will share with you at the end of the year.

This portrait of Theelady (from a few months ago) screams at me “Print me extra large and frame me in gold”. This portrait I could stare at and get lost in it, every single day. It’s magical.
When I shoot, I always have an end goal in mind, I always shoot for wall art, something that makes a statement. A treasure, a heirloom, a true piece of art.
This does take skill and technique. I think I am ok in that department 😉
Tomorrow, I have a gorgeous boudie babe session, so if you haven’t already joined my private boudoir group, here is the link again:

I will have new work going up soon in there.

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling
Much love

Who am I?

Who am I?
I’m Ursula T
What am I?
I’m an inspirational, professional portrait photographer, a mother, a published author and puppy lover.
What do I do?
• I help women feel beautiful
• I run a business
• I inspire
• I create beautiful portraits
• I follow my dreams
• I share love and light

I would love to photograph your story and spend time with you.

My gift voucher is in my shop for a bit:

Spoil yourself or a loved one, I won’t disappoint you

Much Love
Ursula T

Beautiful Berta

Beautiful Berta,

Some of you might remember, I did a birthday giveaway last month.

Berta was my winner, so we did her session on 13th May. The prize was an extra large canvas (and a makeover) valued at over R12 500.
The image above on the grey background, was chosen, because Berta a) loved it and b) she wanted something for her grandkids to remember her as is she is now, which is always smiling.
Berta’s story is incredible and she relates to mine so much, because her husband had a terrible accident 7 years ago and has since had 9 strokes (can you believe that?). So beautiful Berta has to take of him.
But just look how gorgeous she is and that smile!!!

I am always honoured, that my ladies share their stories with me and I think, I have such privilege in my life to share time with each one and I get to photograph my ladies beautifully, which makes my soul set on fire!

Thank you Berta, for sharing your story with me and for trusting me and helping me. I loved our session! I know you needed it

Humble beginnings of Ursula T

Sunday Story…

My strokes happened in October 2012. It, was, devastating!

I took some time out, a whole two years, to grieve, to get angry, to cry, to feel depressed, to think…

When I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, or rather, decided that my life is not over, it’s just different now and maybe a bit more challenging, physically. I picked up my camera again, my only prized position I had left in the world. I turned an old shed (with help) into a “studio” and I invited Pierre (who is a rock musician) for a free shoot (September 2014), so I could learn how to use my tripod, camera and lens, one handed. It was seriously difficult and frustrating (I felt like crying the whole time – but I didn’t – I pushed through it). But I will never forget, how alive I felt in his session. I will never forget the overwhelming excitement of shooting again. My epiphany happened this day! I am going to do this, and I’m going to do this with so much love, nothing in the world will stop me!

When I saw his images and started editing, I knew that I had acquired all the skills I needed to become a full time professional photographer. I would need to get a new lens (a fixed lens, that does not require my left hand), a chair with wheels and I would need many, many hours of practice keeping my balance and making my right arm strong enough to ditch the tripod (which was too difficult to use one handed).

And so I did, just that!

I knew, I wanted to photograph women, I knew that I would specialise in this. I knew that women needed help to feel and look beautiful (because I was feeling really crap).

Well it’s 2019, and here I am. Doing what I love. Following my inner purpose, my dreams and my passion. I am super proud of myself, because I know I am also really good at what I do (or so I’m told). My message today, is if you are going through a difficult time, allow yourself to go through the emotions. If you feel angry, it’s ok! If you feel sad, it’s ok! If you feel depressed and unmotivated, it’s ok! Take the time to do the work on yourself. BUT when you are done, you put your crown back on princess and you rise!

If you need to feel beautiful again, I can help you. I know I can! Come try me?

Have a beautiful day, Keep smiling!

Much love

Ursula T



PS. How gorgeous are these images? I needed a reminder today of how I started over and reinvented myself 😉