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Good morning lovelies.

I’m doing a sneak peek of Amelia’s session from Friday. I normally wait until viewing before I post anything, but we are very excited J

Amelia is my main prize winner from my event and she will get my studio signature product (my 9 up frame).

Today I want to talk around curves. I love curves! I have no problem with curves, I love photographing curves. Curves are beautiful too.

 I hear too often in my business “I need to lose weight first”, so I want to let you know that you do not need to, I promise. You see the secret is in posing. I’m the queen of posing (any body type actually), I know exactly what to do, this is part of my skill set, I have studied posing for 13 years, so I think I know what I am doing by now and you are safe with me.

I can help you change your whole perspective of yourself in one portrait session. This is my gift and I share it with love and kindness.

Come to me as you are, let me show you how beautiful you are. Curves and all!


You are so beautiful my darling. Thank you for trusting me to bring out your beautiful. You are an amazing woman, inside out!

See you Wednesday for the rest 😉

Much Love

Ursula T

Hi lovelies,

Meet beautiful June.
In the middle of chemotherapy, for the second time around. Double mastectomy, sixty two and sassy.

Ursula T: “Why did you choose me?”

June: “I saw your facebook advert where you said I know beautiful and I wanted that”

Ursula T: “Why did you do it?”

June: “I’m in chemo for the second time around and I’m not feeling beautiful at all, my hair is falling out and I just needed a pick me up, I wanted you to bring my beautiful out”

Ursula T: “How did you feel after your session, did you think we helped you feel beautiful?”

June: ” Yes! I would recommend this to any lady going through a difficult time and of course my hair and makeup was so beautifully done”

Dear June,
Just look at you! you look like a queen, in the middle of all you are going through! You are beautiful and I am honoured that you chose me and trusted me to photograph you. I am deeply grateful for your support and I will never forget you.

Much Love

Ursula T


I posted about this not so long ago and I had an amazing response from you (Thank you for that). I’m the type of girl that follows through with what I say and so, I’m putting myself out there.
My first power hour day Saturday 7th December 2019 let’s say from 2pm to 6pm (I’ll create an event on fb too)….

Here is what I would like:
A maximum of 5 ladies with similar stories as each other to join me in studio (chartwell north, fourways) in a safe, casual, loving environment. To share their story and be inspired and empowered by our get together.
To do this, I encourage you to please send me an email – with the subject: Ursula T power hour – “insert your story description”.
In the body of your email, I would love to hear a brief introduction (so I can put similar ladies together).
I will respond and send you an official invite for the day.
We will do snacks, chats, hugs and bubbles, laugh, cry, laugh some more. We will network and help those in business and start our own gang?

In case you are wondering, here is what I can chat around (from my own personal experiences):
* childhood abuse
* marriage and divorce
* mental and emotional and physical abuse
* overcoming illness
* dealing with:
grief, loss, abandonment, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence
* building yourself up again
* learning to love yourself again

😍 I am deeply passionate about helping you!

If you know anyone that needs this, I would love to follow through with this, but I obviously need your help to do it…

Please feel safe to email me on, your story may just help another soul who feels completely lost right now in life. Or drop your email in the comments and I will reach out to you (or tag a bestie that needs me)

Much Love
Ursula T

Inspire, empower and keep smiling my lovelies.

Hi boudie babes 🙂

This is from a while back and today I want to talk around doing a boudoir session when you hit your 40’s and 50’s and upwards. This is the best age because we are over that awkward body shaming phase in our lives, we are more confident and more free to be ourselves (mostly)

Our bodies change with time, having children lifestyle etc. But this is perfectly ok. Please believe me when I say, I know how it feels not to love your body anymore. Here’s the thing about this topic…

Your size, age, colour, lumps and bumps, rolls and marks are perfectly beautiful to me. I don’t see it (what you think is your flaws, all I see is beautiful existence and a story to tell). There is no judgment in my studio, ever. Only a loving, caring and empowering environment.

My passion, is to help you feel beautiful, I’m good at this (In fact, I hear I am the best at this)

So let me empower you, let me show you how incredibly beautiful you are (flaws and all).

Come do a boudoir session with me, so I can help you see yourself in a different light.

It’s an incredible experience and I promise you are safe with me. I also promise you will leave here feeling like a million dollars (as you should anyway). I also promise a whole lot of fun and incredible printed products to treasure all the rest of your days.

Come try us?

Much Love

Ursula T


PS beautiful Elmarie is 50+ and fabulous 😉 and all I had to do in post production is a few nips and tucks because she is already so incredible.

😍😍😍 Just do it 😉


Good morning lovelies 🙂 
I’m up early today, no idea why, but here I sit listening to the birds chirping and enjoying a cup of coffee, divine actually!
Today, I want to talk around what a portrait is.
Meet beautiful Cara.
The first pic is a selfie (and how beautiful is Cara?), second pic is Cara’s before snapshot/pic and the third is well, a portrait.

I don’t think I need to explain any further because it’s quite obvious.
Sometimes all a girl needs is a black number and a dash of red lips and Ursula T 😉

Cara is a corporate girl and came to me for her personal branding portfolio, personal branding is how you want to be noticed on platforms such as LinkedIn. When I asked Cara why she thinks it is so important she responded “try get a high profiled job with a crap photo and there are so many bad photos on LinkedIn, I loved your work and I wanted the best portrait of me for my social media presence, for my professional image”
Book your portrait sessions ladies and gents, let’s get you noticed on professional platforms like LinkedIn, it may help you get that interview/job

I have a special package just for this, it’s my private collection package, here is the link:

I’m juggling my editing and sessions this week.

Let’s go back to Christine. Recent stroke survivor on her magical journey of healing. Loved by so many, supported by so many.

You are so beautiful! As is Christine, you keep smiling and being beautiful.

Love you

Good morning lovelies 🙂

A black and white portrait for beautiful Susan.

Here I was asking Susan to change her hands every time I clicked, it was spontaneous and fun, we were giggling the whole time, but Susan got into her groove and just rocked it 😉

Why do you need a portrait?
It’s your legacy, it’s your story. It’s a piece of you that lives on long after you are not here. Every girl deserves a beautiful portrait of herself.
I know beautiful and I will find yours😍😍😍
Book your sessions ladies, I won’t disappoint you.
Have a beautiful day, keep smiling

Much Love

Ursula T


Good morning lovelies,

Today I want to talk around connection and body language. These are both vital in creating a beautiful portrait.

Meet Susan, beautiful Susan!

Connection, is my ability to interact with my subject during a portrait session (whether I have met them or not). I met Susan at my event for the first time. I remember looking at her as she walked in to come greet me and in that moment I thought “wow, what a beautiful confident woman!” we hit it off immediately and she sat down to help me with name labels. Needless to say I have saved her name in my phone as Susan name tags lol. I have huge love in my heart for people, I love connecting and hearing stories and just being present in the moment for other people.

Susan won my second prize on the day, 5 digitals and print, so I had the honour of spending time with her yesterday for her portrait session.

What a woman! She is kind and funny and smart and has the bluest of blue eyes (like blue blue – incredible!). I also got a pressie (a gorgeous set of earrings, handmade with love). I enjoyed every minute with Susan and I also had a chance to shed a tear (thank you for listening Susan) also got to knock over a glass of bubbles (nawty Ursula).

Connection is about learning how to communicate and interact and bring out the best of the lady in front of me. Susan was so nervous before we started and not long into her posing she was rocking it! Shoulder, chin and hands. I’m so proud of you Susan! This is my choice for your print ;-), thank you for trusting me to choose it. Connection is the ability to just let you be yourself, feel comfortable and empowered and just beautiful for the day.

Body language (visible in the before vs after pic), is something I encourage through posing and I hear I’m pretty good at that. Body language is about looking for the angle and the curves and getting my lady to shine in front of the camera. Oh boy did Susan shine!!

Dear Susan,

You are incredibly beautiful! Thank you for your love, support and kindness yesterday. Rockstar!

Book your sessions ladies, I won’t disappoint you. I want to photograph you beautifully and help you shine.

Much Love

Ursula T



Hi my lovelies,

Long post and eye leaking warning 😉

Today, I am sharing Christine’s story. Christine came to my event in September and was one of my prize winners. I am so happy she won this, because I know she needed it.

Christine had a brain stem stroke (as I did) just short of a year ago, so it is very early days for her and I remember these days so well!

She is still in a wheelchair (so she bought her own photo prop with ;-)), but I believe this will change soon because beautiful Christine has all that she needs to walk again. Determination and courage and a heart full of love for life!

There is a bit of facial distortion, which will get better with time too. This did not stop Christine from smiling and laughing all day. She is truly amazing.

We had the opportunity of chatting throughout our session and Christine had many questions to ask me, which of course I was happy to answer. We shed a few tears too and to help encourage this beautiful soul, I showed Christine, that I can take small baby steps on my own without holding onto anything (I know that she will get here too, but this is an incredibly long and difficult journey and I myself have a long way to go still).

Christine arrived here with her husband Shan and her 17 year old son John-Wayne (how cool is his name?) How is this – they got Married in the March and in that November Christine had her stroke, spent time in icu, almost died, but pulled through (incredible). I was blown away by the love still shared between husband and wife firstly and by the kindness and support of her son who is still so young.

John-Wayne became my studio assistant for the day and we had loads of time to chat as well, he too had many questions and I think it was good for him to see there is hope for his mom, who he loves dearly. Of course he poured me lots of bubbles too 😉

I really hope that I was able to give something beyond a photoshoot here, and I have this to say:

Beautiful Christine,

You are amazing, I know this is a tough journey, but I see a fire in you that burns bright and you are so beautiful. I know that you can do this! I am here for you, anytime you need to chat. You keep smiling and laughing and being determined, this is how you get there my darling!


You are an incredible human being, husband ;-), thank you for helping me on the day and thank you for giving your mom the love and support she needs to get through this. The world needs more humans like you!


I have huge respect for you for sticking by your wife and loving her unconditionally. You don’t get men like you in the world so often. Thank you for being an example of true love and manhood for all us ladies to see that there are indeed good men left in this world!

Of course here are some portraits of our day together.

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling, book your portrait sessions here

Much Love

Ursula T


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