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What does Ursula T do?

In a nutshell, I’m a professional portrait photographer of women (although I do photograph men, children, pets and products too), with an incredibly inspiring story.

I am so passionate about empowering women and showing them how beautiful they are.

My story:

I’m a double stroke survivor, I was only 39 at the time and my world came crashing down over night, I have spent the last 9 years living with left side paralysis and decided to turn my story into something spectacular. I know how it feels to have little confidence, self-esteem issues and I also know how to rise up and conquer my challenges. I know how it feels to look in the mirror and not like myself. So I want to photograph every women that has felt the same as me, I know I can help J

What I do:

I take my ladies through an incredible experience in studio. It’s life changing. It is my promise that you will see yourself very differently after a day with me. I know beautiful, let me show you yours.

A portrait session comes with a makeover in studio (hair styling, makeup and wardrobe consult), with the very best in the industry. Who doesn’t need a day of fun and pampering to be remembered? I always tell my ladies to book a night out after because you will look and feel incredible.

After your makeover, you get to experience a guided, posed photoshoot with me using natural light, I’m the queen of posing, so I know you will be perfect! This is where you get to feel like a super model and you fall in love with yourself again. I’m a lot of fun and this is where I shine, and in turn my ladies shine too. It’s the perfect exchange of energy, creating art together, creating your perfect portrait for whatever you need it for.

I take a few days to do retouching and editing and shortly after your shoot, I invite you back to a personal viewing to see the end result of our magical time together. This, this is where you see yourself through my eyes, so to speak (or should I say lens? ;-)). You get to choose products that you fall in love with, products to last all your days as a beautiful reminder of that one special day, where you were completely free to be your gorgeous self, a reminder of how beautiful you are. A moment frozen in time.

The final step in my process, is to collect your product, which I know will blow you away!!!

I photograph women, I photograph their stories and I share freely my healing energy to uplift, empower, create and inspire.

My name is Ursula T, and II would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.

You can book your spot by taking a voucher below or take a look at my packages on offer (always good value here):

Much love

Ursula T


Good morning lovelies 🙂

I could talk about mom and daughter sessions all day long!

There is nothing like a bond between a mom and her daughters (and sons of course). There is nothing like family resemblance either – creation is incredible actually.

This is my favourite portrait session (this and boudoir), I get to photograph legacies and family heirlooms (which of course become so important when we pass on – it is really the only thing of real value we leave behind isn’t it?). I get to see genes passed on and similarities in face structures (which fascinates me every time) and differences in personalities and the way a family interacts.

It’s just so beautiful to me!

Doing a mom/daughter session with me, is firstly about an incredible experience, where little humans are free to be themselves, in a safe environment filled with love and excitement. It is also about creating timeless art which I know is valuable beyond price paid.

With Lorna (mum) and Lexi (just turned 13), there was so much love and excitement and kindness and respect and just the perfect day out in the country side in these crazy times we are living in at the moment. My pets are always a hit with little humans and provide a bit of entertainment too on the day.

What a special, special day this was.

When I photograph families or groups, I always do individual portraits, then together portraits, then I would do the group last – this makes sure I have interacted enough with everyone to do a really special group photograph (which I carefully pose too).

Do you know that 99% of my clients, have never experienced a professional photoshoot before?

They wouldn’t know a professional image from an amateur image, until they see them side by side. When I say, I want to take the most beautiful photograph you have of yourself – I know what I’m talking about and it certainly is my job to make sure I have done my job (and I always go beyond and above for my clients to produce professional, beautiful images)

Make 2021 YOUR portrait year, with Ursula T

To my beautiful girls Lorna and Lexi, thank you for bringing so much love, beauty and joy into my space.

Much love

Ursula T


Pre-booking Payment Plans available with Ursula T
Start paying a monthly amount now and shoot later.
By the time your portrait session arrives, your session and product are paid for.

You would know by now, that I am deeply passionate about creating beautiful portraits, you would also know, that I am the best at what I do, you would know that helping women feel beautiful and empowering them, is my primary business model and gorgeous printed portraits are the by-product/end result of what I actually do.

Let’s talk about how I can help you get to me for an unforgettable experience?

My pre-booking payment plans are flexible and I will work with you to make it happen.

I can’t wait to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.
Much love
Ursula T
whatsapp: 064 5511433

Turning thirteen, is a milestone in life, Lorna (mum) has been following me for many years and Lexi’s milestone birthday was the perfect timing.

They were a bit nervous until they actually met me, for those that know me, I am very much a people’s person, I am free and I am always myself, so it is easy to feel comfortable around me ;-).

My Portrait sessions are well organized and Lorna expressed how she enjoyed that, from the arrival, through to the posing and outfit changes. Their viewing was filled with tears of joy and love and appreciation for their day together.

Both felt beautiful, and had loads of fun here and of course their portraits are absolutely stunning!

When I do a mom/daughter portrait session, I do individual and together portraits, so everyone has their own portfolio and choice of portraits.

Happy 2021 my lovelies, I hope that this year is kinder to us all, it’s been a bit wild out there. I am an optimist and I know this year will be amazing. I am way to passionate about helping my ladies feel beautiful and showing them how beautiful they are, to let outside things influence my dreams and goals ;-).

Ask me about your mom/daughter session?

I would love to create your family heirloom, photograph you beautifully and spend time with you

Make 2021 your portrait year with Ursula T

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling

Much love.

Ursula T

whatsapp 064 5511433



Sisters are everything and I so enjoy seeing the bond and joy shared.

This was a very special portrait session, we are doing printed and framed portraits for their new houses. Of course this makes my heart smile so much.

Both Phumzile and Lilhe, felt beautiful, comfortable, phenominal and could be themselves feeling like a queen for the day.

Their portraits are amaaaaazing!

I love what I do so much.

Come try me lovelies?

I know beautiful, let me show you yours

Much love

Ursula T


I love this so much!

It speaks a powerful beauty that lies within.

I know beautiful, let me show you yours.

A portrait session with Ursula T, will change the way you see yourself.

You deserve to exist in photographs, beautifully.

I’m almost fully booked for December (which is amazing and I’m so grateful for)

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling

Much love

Ursula T



Once a year, I get glammed up and get in front of the camera, with a little help of course.

This is my 8 year post stroke portrait, I wanted something viking-ish to celebrate, so I plaited my hair and put something shiny on.

I’ll be printing and framing this, I love, love it so much!

A big thank you to Tammy J, my hair and makeup artist for sharing her talent with me – you are magical my darling, and I feel honoured today to share this moment of victory over all my challenges.

Smoothe sailing from here. My life gets better and better.

I literally had the best day ever.

Come try us?

Strength…. Ursula T 19 November 2020

I felt like writing today and the word that popped into my head was strength. So let’s talk about this for a bit.

The Cambridge dictionary definition states it as:

strength noun (POWER)

B2 [ U ]the ability to do things that need a lot of physical or mental effort:She had the strength and stamina to take the lead and win the gold medal.Admitting you’ve made a mistake is a sign of strength, not weakness.He showed great strength of character when he refused to accept the bribes.We will struggle on, drawing our strength from the courage of others.Much of the country’s military strength lies in its missile force.

I’m sure most, if not all of you know about my strokes by now and the physical difficulties I experience from it.

I’m sure you would guess that mentally and emotionally, this is not easy on any given day?

I’m kind of bored of my stroke story so let’s rather talk about strength.

Nearly everyone I meet, or everyone I know personally, tells me I’m the strongest women they know. And while this feels good to me (most of the time), I wish I could just say, but I’m not, I’m not always strong.

I have to fight every single day to find strength. Strength to get up, because physically it is exhausting!!!

Finding the Strength to deal with my emotions and maintain a calm, positive attitude full of passion is also exhausting!!!

Finding the strength to hold a strong mental state to keep going, to be inspiring, to grow my business with clarity and focus, to overcome the physical challenges day in and day out (for 8 years now, which is more than 2920 days) is exhausting!!!

Finding the strength to still smile and laugh, while my heart is broken over what has happened, is exhausting!!!

So, no, I am not always strong. But here is what I do know, I am probably the strongest woman I know, I get stronger every day (whether that is physical, mental or emotional) and every single woman I have photographed here in studio, has strength which more often than not, completely mesmerizes me, because in that moment, I think “wow, she is so powerful and so beautiful”. I also realise in that moment that maybe my own strength is inspiring. This helps me find more strength. I am grateful for this.

On the days that I am not feeling strong, I simply don’t get up for the day and spend that day and the next and the next (if I need to) in deep meditation, which I firmly believe has helped me heal so much inside of me. I have so much fun doing this, this is where I dream and plan and think and connect to both my pain and my healing.

If you want to know what meditation I do, SRT healing meditation by Alexander as well as Abraham hicks who is mind blowing – take a listen and maybe it can help you too.

After I have allowed myself to just relax and go within, new strength comes to me and I find my power within, to believe, to hope, to laugh, to smile, to love, to take action, to enjoy the moment. It’s quite beautiful actually. I tune in to less resistant thoughts of power and then I’m up saying things like “I am Ursula T and I’ve got this!” “I am strong, I am powerful, I am worthy, I am successful, I am love, I am light, I am unbelievable, I am happy, and I am so in love with my life right now”

This is how I do it my lovelies.

Yes I am strong. So are you, you just sometimes, don’t need to be strong and give yourself a break, take it easy, go within, love yourself and know all is well and you are exactly where you are meant to be and then watch how your life changes for the better.

Sending love and strength to all who is needing it right now.

Much love

Ursula T


I thought this post needed a whole bunch of portraits of the strong, powerful women I have had the honour of spending time with. I am so grateful for my life right now

PS Have you seen my new digital packages? They are at a special introduction price until 30 November 2020:

You are strong, and capable. I would love to photograph your story

Good morning lovelies 🙂

It’s a beautiful day today….

Matric dance dress portrait for the very beautiful Tanica, who just turned 18.

I would do anything for such gorgeous lips, and to have such a gorgeous portrait of my matric dance dress (a tad late for me though).

I have the weekend off with my viking this weekend, who does have a name by the way – it’s Wayne.

Yay for new beginnings and all things wonderful.

Have a beautiful day lovelies, keep smiling 😍😍😍

Much love

Ursula T


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