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Hi lovelies 🙂

Here is a behind the scenes video of a mom/daughter session and Pam and Leah’s voice testimony, with their portraits. Thank you to my intern Tumi for the footage and to Pam for allowing.

Big gratitude four your support Pam and Leah, you are so beautiful. Your legacy now lives on for all generations to treasure

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Behind scenes, a glimpse into a mom daughter session

A voice testimony and portraits of course

A very good morning to you my lovelies.

Once a week, I am writing an article around my studio for two reasons.

Firstly I love writing and sharing stories.

And secondly and most importantly, I believe in educating my clients and adding value to their decision in booking me as their portrait photographer.

Today’s article is talking around the difference between editing and retouching and there is a difference.

I hope you enjoy the read, have a beautiful day


Good morning Lovelies ðŸ™‚

Meet beautiful Tania.

Tania came in for a personal branding session with us
Some call this head shots/corporate shots/social media/digital shots
Tania is a business woman, a motivational speaker, a trauma coach/life coach, a mom and a wife.

I loved every moment of our time together, I love talking business and spiritual healing and trauma healing and listening to stories. When it came to posing, Tania said she was stretched (in a good way) into the unknown or unfamiliar during her experience, and she loved it! She was very proud of herself and so was I.

Just look at you beautiful Tania!
Thank you for trusting me to photograph you, thank you for supporting me. I am so grateful for you.
I’ll see you soon

Much Love
Ursula T

A Quick Video on Personal branding portrait session, with Ursula T

I have started writing articles to share on my blog about my studio and I hope that you will find them interesting.

Today’s article is: 6 ways I help my ladies feel beautiful and how I can help you too.

Hi Lovelies,

This is my last post for 2019, I can’t believe it actually. So firstly, Happy new year. I hope 2020 is all that you wish for and more.

I am so grateful for all the support I received this year and I am incredibly optimistic about the coming year.

Striving to improve, wherever I can, is always on my list of things to do and my products are key to the success of my business. Here is a short product preview video, of my my new, exciting and unique products for the new year. So exciting! They are absolutely gorgeous, I am in love!!

Have a safe, happy new year!

Much Love

Ursula T


I spent some time writing this article (click the download below) speaking around the 5 fears I hear about in my business and how I go about handling them.

Hi my lovelies,

Jaclynn went on a body fitness journey, lost an incredible amount of weight and does fitness shows now. I have a huge amount of respect for this (I was once there myself), it is incredibly difficult to get there, the discipline needed is pure torture!

Jaclynn did her portrait session for herself to have beautiful pictures to treasure and had seen my work through a friend. She was excited and a little bit nervous before her session, but soon felt pampered and comfortable. Posing was a breeze for Jaclynn, although she didn’t think so at the time and we had an incredible day together.

I always interview my ladies at their viewing and I love hearing about their experience here (it makes my heart smile and soul dance). One question I asked Jaclynn today was “explain the difference between a photoshoot, because you have had many and a portrait session with Ursula T?”, this was her answer:
“your portraits are timeless, classy and tasteful and I can see how much time, effort and love you have poured into them” – how beautiful is that?

Oh my gosh, I am deeply in love with what I do, and I would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.

I have had a long difficult journey since my strokes in 2012. My biggest battle, besides the frustrations of my physical difficulties, and there are many that I face on daily basis, has been conquering the demons of “am I good enough?”

Here is an article I wrote for you to download and read


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