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This is my fourth year photographing Shaun, and I hope not the last.

Shaun updates his portfolio once a year and this year we did a casual look for him, and something for fun, Shaun is such a good sport!

Business man, father and friend.

Always fun Shaun, you gorgeous man!

Good Morning Lovelies,

Retouching and editing:

Today I want to talk around my portrait style a bit.

My style, and branding have been developed over ten years now, I am at a place where I am happy with my editing workflow and style. I am not one to over edit any portrait, but my style is unique and perhaps this will change over the next few years.

How would I describe my style?

I would say I am a neoclassical, natural light portrait photographer that likes my portraits soft and creamy almost dreamy.

I hand edit each portrait before a viewing, and retouching is a huge part of what I do.
Woman want to look and feel “younger, thinner, more beautiful”. I have never, and I mean not once, heard a woman say to me “you can leave my cellulite, leave my wrinkles and jowls, and please add a fat roll to my stomach”. So here is what I do when editing, I always lighten (not remove) wrinkles and frown lines, I always soften jowls, I remove pimples and spots, I remove things like bruises and sun spots.
I very seldom do actual body contouring, because my posing skills take care of this mostly – if I need to nip and tuck, here and there, I will do so responsibly.
I always listen to my clients requests, and go out of my way to fulfil that, afterall, it is your portrait that you will be hanging up and passing down one day, I have enough experience behind me, to produce beautiful portraits and I generally get it right.
This is part of my magic 😉
Below you will see a before and after retouching example (of a sixty year young Viv) and a collage demonstrating my style, which is consistent across any age.

Have a beautiful day all
Much love
Ursula T

Then I get to photograph Savina, who is seventy years young and drop dead gorgeous!

Savina is a published author, mother, grandmother, wife and avid lover of dancing and music.

I was privileged to received an autographed copy of her book “Falling in love with myself” by Savina Plescia Redpath, which I am almost done reading, it is an inspirational read to say the least. It is a story of the difficulties which an Italian prisoner of war and later immigrant family to South Africa had to endure, it is a story of accepting and learning to love herself as a complete and beautiful person.

Savina, I am so grateful to you, you are amazing in every way, kind, loving, compassionate and simply beautiful.

Chrstmas in July boudoir

I’m talking fairy lights, fluffy blanket, beautiful sexy poses, warm air, sherry and a chocy 😉. 2 different looks with Magic M on set.

Sometimes, you just have to say F it and book ladies!

I have a special deal for the next two ladies that book, I already sold one special, so book your spot next. EVERY woman should do this at least once in her life, it’s amazing…

For the ladies that I have photographed and who have been to their personal viewing with me, I do a viewing “interview”, where I ask about their experience around their session with me. This is for me to learn and grow in my business, and of course used as a marketing tool.

This is what 99.9% of my ladies tell me:

* My facebook page and advertising is where I am found, I am 
chosen because my work sells itself and they love my success
story, most find me both inspirational and professional
* to feel and look beautiful, self esteem and confidence booster,
present for hubby, present for themselves, achieving a
milestone (such as special birthday’s or weight loss), meeting
me and spending time with me – are the main reasons for
booking me
* they are all very nervous and excited before their session
* they all feel relaxed after their pamper and during their session
* they are all tired but elevated and leave feeling good about
themselves, as well as feeling and looking beautiful after their
* they love, love their viewing of their portraits, most cry 😉, and
tell me they can’t believe it is them, they never saw themselves
as being beautiful before.

I know beautiful ladies – and I will find yours.

My personal definition of a portrait:

“To me, a portrait is a creative collaboration between an artist and a sitter, and it’s unique in that sense, as an art form… kind of like a dance between artist and sitter..”
It is not a snap shot/photograph, it takes time to compose, set up, engage and connect with the subject, kind of like magic…

Portrait ideas:

* A glamorous you, for you!
* boudoir
* personal branding/business headshots
* sisters
* best friends
* moms and daughters/sons
* children
* family
* pets
* semi nude fine art
* brides and bridesmaids

Book your sessions ladies, we won’t disappoint you:

Much Love
Ursula T

Personal branding portraits for vivacious Viv – sixty is the new thirties 😉

Going back a little, to Leigh’s portrait session. Her smile is infectious! She told me during her session, that she never really liked her smile, but she has learnt to embrace it now. I am so glad she did, because it is GORGEOUS!

Women are such self critical creatures, we all do it to ourselves.

I did a consult yesterday in studio, and my lady asked me what my demographic is in my business model, this was my answer:
” I want to photograph any woman, who has ever looked at herself in the mirror and not felt good enough about herself at any time in her life – because I know beautiful!”

Love yourself NOW ladies!

Much love
Ursula T

Hello my lovelies,

I have been receiving a few messages lately asking me if I photograph woman of colour, so I want to address it here 😉

I absolutely do, and I photograph them beautifully too!

This is Tabby, from not so long ago, she had never been photographed before, imagine the excitement!

My facebook page and my blog display my recent/current sessions, and it just so happens that I have no ladies of colour booking me recently. This makes me sad, so please go ahead and book your glamour sessions with me – I won’t dissapoint you, I promise.

Much Love
Ursula T

I’m doing a March Madness boudoir Sale…

Let’s get our sexy on 😉

***30% discount (off my sitting fee and my boudoir album with private collection gift box)
***Special running until end of March (discounted sitting fee must be paid by 31st March 2018)
***Boudoir session must take place by end June 2018 (3 months to book your session)
***Does not apply to gift packs

This includes:
***Hair Styling and makeup by Magic M (Merichen)
***Wardrobe consult (Ursula. T)
*** Posed portrait session (Ursula. T)
***Editing and Viewing of Images (portrait selection for your boudoir album)

We offer our clients, exclusivity, privacy, loads of fun, quality product, and an experience to last a lifetime.

You are totally worth it!

Let me photograph you beautifully 🙂

Much Love
Ursula. T
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