Spring Surprises


Spring Surprises 🙂

My favourite time of the year.
On the 1st September (spring day), I will be going live on my page again.
I’m getting all dolled up just for you!
Merichen is going to work her magic on me – I am so excited!!!

Here’s what’s Happening on my live video:

  • I’m talking around Beautiful – what it means to me
  • I’m talking around my spring sale and whats on offer
  • I’m talking around my book and doing a soft launch.

I hope you join me, because one lucky lady is getting a present from me, but you have to be live with me, entertaining me 😉

I will see you all between 1:00 pm  and 3:00pm on Saturday 1st September.

Let’s have some fun

Much Love
Ursula T


I have photographed many warrior woman in my studio, but this lady is just phenomenal, I am privileged to have met and spent time with her.

This is CJ, breast cancer survivor, she has the scars to show of her incredibly brave journey, and yet she is kind and still smiles at the world.

I am reminded constantly in my business, how relentless the human spirit is and how brave women can be.


This is Cj, she is beautiful…



This is my fourth year photographing Shaun, and I hope not the last.

Shaun updates his portfolio once a year and this year we did a casual look for him, and something for fun, Shaun is such a good sport!

Business man, father and friend.

Always fun Shaun, you gorgeous man!


Good Morning Lovelies,

Retouching and editing:

Today I want to talk around my portrait style a bit.

My style, and branding have been developed over ten years now, I am at a place where I am happy with my editing workflow and style. I am not one to over edit any portrait, but my style is unique and perhaps this will change over the next few years.

How would I describe my style?

I would say I am a neoclassical, natural light portrait photographer that likes my portraits soft and creamy almost dreamy.

I hand edit each portrait before a viewing, and retouching is a huge part of what I do.
Woman want to look and feel “younger, thinner, more beautiful”. I have never, and I mean not once, heard a woman say to me “you can leave my cellulite, leave my wrinkles and jowls, and please add a fat roll to my stomach”. So here is what I do when editing, I always lighten (not remove) wrinkles and frown lines, I always soften jowls, I remove pimples and spots, I remove things like bruises and sun spots.
I very seldom do actual body contouring, because my posing skills take care of this mostly – if I need to nip and tuck, here and there, I will do so responsibly.
I always listen to my clients requests, and go out of my way to fulfil that, afterall, it is your portrait that you will be hanging up and passing down one day, I have enough experience behind me, to produce beautiful portraits and I generally get it right.
This is part of my magic 😉
Below you will see a before and after retouching example (of a sixty year young Viv) and a collage demonstrating my style, which is consistent across any age.

Have a beautiful day all
Much love
Ursula T


Then I get to photograph Savina, who is seventy years young and drop dead gorgeous!

Savina is a published author, mother, grandmother, wife and avid lover of dancing and music.

I was privileged to received an autographed copy of her book “Falling in love with myself” by Savina Plescia Redpath, which I am almost done reading, it is an inspirational read to say the least. It is a story of the difficulties which an Italian prisoner of war and later immigrant family to South Africa had to endure, it is a story of accepting and learning to love herself as a complete and beautiful person.

Savina, I am so grateful to you, you are amazing in every way, kind, loving, compassionate and simply beautiful.