It’s the last day of 2018 and it’s pouring with rain here, I love it. May it wash away all negativity, fear and doubts, sorrow and tears.

I hope 2019 will be magical, I have a feeling it will be. May the new year bring much love, happiness, joy and smiles. May I continue to grow, spread light and inspire, may my craft tell stories and get better and better.

I always get excited about a new year, although I generally get to bed like at 8 pm lol. Tonight will be no different.

I end this year in heartfelt gratitude to all my ladies who loved my work (and me) and supported my dream, without you my business would not be here. I had a very successful year and I plan to do even better in 2019 :-), my life is blessed and abundant and I truly am in love with every aspect of it.

It’s the last day for my boudoir special today, the link with details are below…
I am doing things differently in 2019 with the goal of tripling my turnover (sounds scary right? But I’m ready – my products, service and pricing have been set in stone – my strategies are in place, and my heart and soul are in the right place – 2019, I am ready for you, I hope you are ready for me!)

May your new year be filled with magic!!!

Much Love 
Ursula T

A poem by Ursula T

A little poem by me, and of course a portrait…


I stripped down to my underwear, just for her

Hair and makeup, a snack and a drink

This is a first for me, what the hell did I think?

She had a touch of magic and some sparkle in her soul,

This artist and her gear

And me with barely nothing to wear,

Soon my posing became a breeze,

She made me feel completely at ease.

Look at me so confident,

Look at me!

Look at me shining

Look at me!

Now that I shared in her amazing gift,

Look at me in print

I stripped down to my underwear, just for me!!!