My dragonfly Logo

I often get the question about the story behind my logo, and why a dragonfly, here it is:

It is said in many cultures, that the dragonfly brings winds of changes and transformation, i cannot think of a better logo for my personal life journey and photography business.

I have always been fascinated by dragonflies, I always believed they were fairies, my logo I drew myself, and over the years with the help from friends, my photography logo has changed.  I am loving the new design, hope you do too


Portrait_ photographer_johannesburg

new and improved:



More from Kara

editing done, quick and easy, two more BW shots from the beautiful Kara.

I must say, my passion has been ignited and I look forward to many more amazing shoots.




Kara Maternity shoot

so I am pretty sure that everyone following my story knows that I survived a severe stroke in 2012, and am classified as disabled now, my passion has always been photography, and yes I have had to adapt and move away from weddings due to phphysical challenges, but I am so grateful that I have a story to tell and that I can follow through with my passion for photography, in new adventures. two shots from Sunday Maternity/pregnancy shoot, thank you to my beautiful client that was patient, caring, understanding, and for her inner beauty which shined all through the shoot! Amazing, gorgeous and im so grateful!!
I was one of those shoots, where I couldn’t get enough shots, wanted to stay all day, and editing awesome, quick and loved it 🙂
thank you beautiful lady, job made easy!!
photographer_johannesburg_maternity-weba photographer_johannesburg_maternity-web-b


where I’m Going

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Studio opening soon, oh so excited. whilst I am physically unable to shoot weddings any longer, I am super stoked to be moving to portrait photography, including glamour photography. I will be posting more about my new venture on a regular basis, and I appologise for my blog being so quite. I do have a story to tell and I am so grateful to be here to share it. Keep posted, my blog is going to get busy busy.