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Hi lovelies 🙂

Meet beautiful Jady (how divine is her name and her portrait?).

You know how you meet a woman, and she is powerful? This is Jady.

Jady came in for a personal branding session (for those that don’t know, this is for social media – websites etc), now I don’t consider myself as a digital photographer, but rather a full service (print specialist) photographer. I Obviously service my clients as per their wishes.

Jady manages an npo called Phillys Robertson Homes, a home for physically and mentally challenged people and has a beautiful daughter who has mental challenges, although she is fiercely independent.

I have so much respect for you beautiful Jady. Thank you for a special day, thank you for supporting me. I’m super happy you were so excited and felt so gorgeous!

How do you wish to be photographed?

Book your sessions my lovelies, I won’t disappoint you 😍😍😍

Much Love
Ursula T


Hi lovelies,

This week’s article, my top four portrait sessions, what they are and how I do them.

I hope you enjoy the read, have a beautiful day.


Good morning Lovelies 🙂

Portraits of a mom/daughter session with Ursula T.

When I do a mom/daughter session, I always do individual portraits of mum and individual portraits of daughter. Then I do together portraits.

I do this for every outfit change and the end result is always spectacular.

What I love about this, is the interaction when posing separately, there is always encouragement, sometimes a bit of teasing, laughs and oh wow moments. The way my subjects look at each other with admiration and love, this is all part of the bonding experience. Leah was saying to Pam, show teeth mom, show teeth. Very cute.

Leah is thirteen (same age as my daughter Angelique), and we are doing this portrait XL, framed in silver. Angelique has her own portrait in my studio which sits above my working station, so I get to see her everyday. It is magnificent!

When Angelique first saw it (her portrait was a surprise from me for her 13th birthday) she burst into tears and said “mom, it’s so beautiful, I’m so beautiful!” and then he said “it’s so big, I love it”. Naturally she can only inherit it when I am gone (hopefully not soon), so for now she sees it when I get her on the weekends with me. I can only imagine how she will look at this one day and not only remember me as her mom for taking it, but also her youth that was captured so beautifully.

This is the value of a portrait and there is no price tag for this moment frozen in time forever.

So little Leah (well not so little), may this be a reminder of your youth, your amazing journey into womanhood, a reminder of your incredibly special day here in studio spent with your mum.
May it remind you all your days how beautiful you are (and also me and pets that loved you so much).

Aaaah, I love what I do, with all my heart and soul 😍😍😍


You are so beautiful mamma 😉 Thank you for trusting me to photograph your legacy, thank you for supporting my dream, my passion, my business.

Much Love
Ursula T

This week’s article, why my clients choose me as their photographer 🙂

Hi lovelies 🙂

Here is a behind the scenes video of a mom/daughter session and Pam and Leah’s voice testimony, with their portraits. Thank you to my intern Tumi for the footage and to Pam for allowing.

Big gratitude four your support Pam and Leah, you are so beautiful. Your legacy now lives on for all generations to treasure

You can book your mom/daughter session here


Behind scenes, a glimpse into a mom daughter session

A voice testimony and portraits of course

A very good morning to you my lovelies.

Once a week, I am writing an article around my studio for two reasons.

Firstly I love writing and sharing stories.

And secondly and most importantly, I believe in educating my clients and adding value to their decision in booking me as their portrait photographer.

Today’s article is talking around the difference between editing and retouching and there is a difference.

I hope you enjoy the read, have a beautiful day


Good morning Lovelies 🙂

Meet beautiful Tania.

Tania came in for a personal branding session with us
Some call this head shots/corporate shots/social media/digital shots
Tania is a business woman, a motivational speaker, a trauma coach/life coach, a mom and a wife.

I loved every moment of our time together, I love talking business and spiritual healing and trauma healing and listening to stories. When it came to posing, Tania said she was stretched (in a good way) into the unknown or unfamiliar during her experience, and she loved it! She was very proud of herself and so was I.

Just look at you beautiful Tania!
Thank you for trusting me to photograph you, thank you for supporting me. I am so grateful for you.
I’ll see you soon

Much Love
Ursula T

A Quick Video on Personal branding portrait session, with Ursula T

I have started writing articles to share on my blog about my studio and I hope that you will find them interesting.

Today’s article is: 6 ways I help my ladies feel beautiful and how I can help you too.

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