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See what your viewing is all about. It’s a magical experience.

Staff Incentives

Let’s Talk Staff Incentives

Coming from a corporate background myself, I remember all the boring incentives I used to receive. I have nothing to show for it today.

Oh but a gorgeous printed portrait, now that would last all my days.

That would be special and unique and memorable.

Here are some ideas:

Your staff should be your greatest Asset and I promise, this experience they will never forget! 

  • Award your top performers with a portrait session voucher.
  • Do a portrait party with me and make it a team building day 
  • Do you need staff images for your websites, magazines?
  • I can structure something to suite your requirements

Firishta, so beautiful

Oh my!

Just look at how beautiful Firishta is.

Transformation happens here, not only on the outside with hair and makeup, but inside too. Firishta was so scared and nervous before her session. But there was a magic in her which jumped out as we started photographing her.

A goddess, a cover girl, just waiting to be photographed.

We did a glamour and boudoir session and I am so proud of her!

Thank you beautiful Firishta, for trusting me to photograph you, beautifully. Thank you for loving me and supporting my business. I can’t wait to see you in print. I know you are going to look back at your portraits all your days to come and fall in love with yourself, over and over again.

I am honoured to have spent time with you, you are so beautiful!

Much Love

Ursula T


My African Queen

Good Morning lovelies 🙂

My lady from this past Saturday, is coming for her viewing this Saturday, so you will only get to see it afterwards – I save the magic for my clients to see first, I did so well with her session. I am super proud of myself, especially to see how far I have come and how I improve with each session I do.

I’m busy making my favourites folder for this year so far. Which I will share with you at the end of the year.

This portrait of Theelady (from a few months ago) screams at me “Print me extra large and frame me in gold”. This portrait I could stare at and get lost in it, every single day. It’s magical.
When I shoot, I always have an end goal in mind, I always shoot for wall art, something that makes a statement. A treasure, a heirloom, a true piece of art.
This does take skill and technique. I think I am ok in that department 😉
Tomorrow, I have a gorgeous boudie babe session, so if you haven’t already joined my private boudoir group, here is the link again:

I will have new work going up soon in there.

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling
Much love

Who am I?

Who am I?
I’m Ursula T
What am I?
I’m an inspirational, professional portrait photographer, a mother, a published author and puppy lover.
What do I do?
• I help women feel beautiful
• I run a business
• I inspire
• I create beautiful portraits
• I follow my dreams
• I share love and light

I would love to photograph your story and spend time with you.

My gift voucher is in my shop for a bit:

Spoil yourself or a loved one, I won’t disappoint you

Much Love
Ursula T