Pre-shoot pampers

Oh my goodness, I am super excited about this…. 

I started my own beauty spa in 2009, it was perfect, it was beautiful. Then I had my strokes, so could not carry on with it. Devastating!

My ultimate passion, is helping women feel beautiful, and so, I found the most divine product for anti-ageing, to add to my services, call it a pre-shoot pamper (I am using it myself. I am in love).

I have many years experience in the beauty industry and I figured, why not do a pre-shoot pamper? This way, you can meet me before your session, we can chat about your session and exchange ideas, you will get to see product and studio samples, and have an amazing facial using exclusive technically advanced ingredients. I love this idea, I hope you do too.

You will have a choice between a basic facial and an advanced facial, 10 days/2 weeks before your portrait session and I’m going to include a take-home product as well. So by the time your session day arrives, your skin will feel amazing. 

Ursula T baby steppies

Good morning lovelies.

So today, I tried walking without Fred. It’s only a few baby steppies. When I am nervous, my left foot curls under me, not easy trying to “walk” like that to start with but I am determined to make this year my year to walk again.

The only way I can describe this feeling, is stand up, close your eyes and lift one leg up. Try it and you will see what I mean.

I will keep practicing, every single day.

Have a beautiful happy Sunday all.

Much love
Baby steppies Ursula T

Beautiful Maria

I am a wife (for 26 years so far, and going strong), I am a mother of three gorgeous children, I am a business woman, I just turned the big 5-0 in November (fifty and fabulous), I am celebrating all this and more, you should too.

For Maria’s 50th birthday present, we are doing my studio signature product, a 9 up frame, in black and white with a scratched gold frame, I cannot wait to see this in print. I know it is going to be beyond gorgeous and bring many years of joy

Viewing Video

See what your viewing is all about. It’s a magical experience.