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What a strange time we are living in at this moment. I do believe this will pass and we will come out of it a little different (or a lot) than before.

The very second I can, I want to hit the ground running with shoots. I think now, more than ever you may need just this to lift your spirits :-). I would also like to get my suppliers up and running as fast as possible. The bottom line is I need you too

So here is my offer:

Buy your voucher for only R950 (my sitting fee is usually R3000) and you qualify for a 30% discount on all printed products!!!

Let’s get excited about something?

Think about the day, we arrange your session and you have something phenomenal to look forward to 

Or why not perk up a special someone’s life right now and get them a voucher from me? I’ll personalise it for you and imagine lighting their world up with something this special?

I have extended my voucher expiry date (i.e shoot date) to end of April next year, so you have plenty time to arrange your special day with me and save up for your choice of products.

Hi lovelies 🙂

What an exciting time to be living in. Well at least I think so 😉

I know there are many people who are petrified of this covid and what the future holds. I completely understand this and I have my moments of fear too, but I am trying to remain calm and do my thing still.

Staying focused is not easy, staying motivated, even more difficult.

People always tell me that I am so strong and so positive always. They ask me how I do it. The truth is, I am not always strong, motivated and positive, I have my weak moments just like everybody else.

What I do, is I don’t let those moments define me nor do I let them take me off course.

So I have decided that, determination and courage will see me through these trying times.

Today is the last day for my covid conquerer specials and then I am back at full pricing for my portrait sessions – don’t miss out! I have extended my shoot by dates, well into next year, so we will have time to get your sessions done, and I will honour my pricing to you.

I have also added beauty products (which we are allowed to deliver during lock-down) to my shop, so you can still have beautiful skin and hair.

I’m taking this time to learn new technologies and come up with new marketing strategies too. So for me, it is not all doom and gloom!

A Huge thank you to all my ladies that continue to support my dream and business during these times.

Links below for my specials:

Hi lovelies,

I truly hope that you are doing ok and have all that you need in this crazy time we are in.

I’m sure most of you know my story by now and if not you can pop over to website or facebook page to learn more about it.

While we are in lockdown, I am offering a free half an hour online “facetime” consult, and I am taking the next two weeks to schedule time to talk with you.I use zoom which by the way is an amazing tool – you need a pc with webcam or your smart phone will do too.

We can use this time for sharing stories, asking questions, having a giggle and I would also love to tell you why I want to photograph you.

We can stay in pj’s with messy hair if you want and of course children and pets are most welcome.

All you need to do, is send me a whatsapp on 0796933784, with your name and “let’s chat” and I’ll set it up.

I can’t wait to meet you beautiful!

I love Jessica’s before and after so much, let me tell you why.

She is so beautiful right?

Before a session with my ladies and on the day, I do a build of excitement for the day, because it really is an amazing experience. The entire time Jessica was so incredibly nervous and I was saying to her “you will be perfect, I promise”. To show case my work here, I chose a semi nude portrait of her, does she look nervous in her after portrait?
Definitely not!

When I make my clients a promise, I stick to it.
When I say ” I am the best at what I do”, I mean it.View Boudoir Packages>>>

Hi Lovelies,

This week’s article, I thought I must address the doom and gloom around Corona Virus.

And why I am not panicking about it here.

Hi lovelies,

This week’s article is based on an interview I did recently for a boudoir journal, so I’m sharing it here for you.

Hi Lovelies

Here is this weeks article, my three step business model.

Last week I spent time on our manifesto, our public promise (which I have attached here in case you missed it)

Good morning lovelies 🙂

Here are a few snaps from my valentine’s day event yesterday, it ended up being a small intimate affair with the most divine couple. You know how people’s paths cross for a reason? Well Karen has an amazing opportunity for me and I’m really looking forward to working with her to help women feel incredible about themselves. So thank you Karen for your support!!

The day was relaxed and fun and of course I got all glammed up by Magic Merichen and I got to wear my gold jumpsuite (I friggen love it!).

Mark G sang for us, always a treat, he is so god at what he does.

Karen, you are beautiful, I loved our day together and congratulations on winning my grand prize valued at R20,000!!!!!

We are doing a boudoir session and I’m super excited to photograph Karen beautifully.

I had a short speech printed out and I don’t know why but I was feeling all emotional about it, so I got Karen to read it out lol. And we both cried – because girls do that sort of stuff right?

My next main event is 2nd May, it’s a Saturday from 12:00 to 6:00 pm and I’m celebrating my Birthday (which is on the 1st may – I’m turning 47!!!!! dammit ;-)).

There will be snacks and bubbles and Mark will be singing for us again and there will be prize giveaways and surprise gifts.

I would love to meet you and spend time with you, come celebrate with me?

you can get your tickets here my lovelies:

Have an amazing Sunday, keep smiling

PS I have a bubble hangover 😉 Nawty Ursula


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