Limited Edition Closet Collection

This is new and exciting, you can book your spot online today (you will find it under my shop tab). There is an integrated calendar so you can choose your date and time slot.

Open to men looking for corporate head-shots/personal branding for social media too.

Or bring your partner along and create a beautiful portrait together

Outdoor Portraits

For those that get bored of my indoor studio portraits, I do venture outside when I’m feeling brave enough. Of course I need physical help to do this, but my ladies are always kind enough to help me ;-). This is my studio wall outside, I actually love it now that I am looking at these.

My posing rules remain the same, my lighting rules remain the same and just look how beautiful these are (I just gave myself a pat on the back here lol).

PS this portrait session was for dating site profile pics and also professional pics for linkedin etc we did indoor and outdoor combo

I think I must venture outdoors more often?

Beth, you are so beautiful


One beautiful girl, two outfits

Such privilege I have in my life, I get to photograph women beautifully, for a living. There is nothing else I want to do.

Meet Nishana, a strong, independant woman, world traveler, kind soul, and oh so very beautiful!

This was a first for Nishana, before seeing her portraits, this is what she had to say to potential clients:

” you will feel comfortable and at home. You will feel pampered and extremely excited. You will feel like a celebrity going on a stage”

This is what she had to say to potential clients, after seeing her portraits:

“Don’t even think about, just do it! There are no words to describe how my portraits have made me feel. I am so beautiful, I can’t believe it!”

Dear Nishana,

thank you for a very special session, thank you for trusting me and thank you for loving me and supporting my studio (my dream)!

Much Love

Ursula T



I meet the most incredible women in my studio, I am so honoured and grateful for my life.

There are two beautiful voice testimonies from Ashleigh, which I will put up on my testimony page – totally worth listening to!

Let me photograph you beautifully,

Much Love

Ursula T


Ronel Personal Branding

Good morning my lovelies 
Beautiful Ronel was here yesterday for her personal branding session with me, some of you might know this as corporate head-shots. This session is for your social media presence, such as LinkedIn, your cv etc.
There is no reason why corporate head-shots cannot be glammed up a little to give it that extra edge, so you really stand out when looking for a job.
Just look how gorgeous this is?
you are beautiful!
Thank you for supporting me.
All the best on your new venture, I am thinking of you and sending positive vibes that you find the most incredible job in the world!!
Much Love
Ursula T

Sandra Mom/Daughter session

Our precious Ursula..

Tahlia and I absolutely adore you. .and are so humbled by your love and inspiration. After surviving 2 severe strokes that left you half are still so immaculately mind-blowing – sharing all your passionate zest for life and light with all you meet! 
Witnessing your deep inner strength, drive and tenacity has earned you the title of are our ” Earth Angel”…Our time spent with you is priceless… so many life lessons learnt…we can’t wait to come visit you and the familia again soon
.. life changing experience.. for sure!
.xx Amigos Para Sempre xx Sands and Tati

My aching heart, I love my life so much!!