Four generations Portrait session

I did a four generations session a few months back, just look at this.

Shirley – great gran 73
Linda – gran 53
Natasha – mom 23
Brooklyn Lee – baby girl 2 months old (biggest eyes ever looking at my pets – very funny and cute)

This is not something you get to see everyday, nor capture. What a blessing this is!

Tash, was in a terrible car accident, and similar to me, has no use at all of her right arm or hand. She is walking though, and let me tell you, I was blown away by her. She handles her baby one-handed, I am talking feeding, changing, carrying – the full works! Amazing!!!

In this session, I was reminded of how resilient we are as a species. We learn to adapt, move forward.

I have huge respect and admiration for stories like this. Strength and courage and still smiling through it all.

Generation sessions….

Let me create your legacy…

Much Love
Ursula T


Carol – glamour and boudoir session

Beautiful, beautiful Carol.

Fifty and Fabulous, mixed glamour and boudoir session. 
Carol got her private collection boudoir album and a canvas to hang in her bedroom, read what she had to say…

Oh my soul dances and my heart smiles, every single time.

I love you beautiful Carol

A poem by Ursula T

A little poem by me, and of course a portrait…


I stripped down to my underwear, just for her

Hair and makeup, a snack and a drink

This is a first for me, what the hell did I think?

She had a touch of magic and some sparkle in her soul,

This artist and her gear

And me with barely nothing to wear,

Soon my posing became a breeze,

She made me feel completely at ease.

Look at me so confident,

Look at me!

Look at me shining

Look at me!

Now that I shared in her amazing gift,

Look at me in print

I stripped down to my underwear, just for me!!!


Spring Surprises


Spring Surprises 🙂

My favourite time of the year.
On the 1st September (spring day), I will be going live on my page again.
I’m getting all dolled up just for you!
Merichen is going to work her magic on me – I am so excited!!!

Here’s what’s Happening on my live video:

  • I’m talking around Beautiful – what it means to me
  • I’m talking around my spring sale and whats on offer
  • I’m talking around my book and doing a soft launch.

I hope you join me, because one lucky lady is getting a present from me, but you have to be live with me, entertaining me 😉

I will see you all between 1:00 pm  and 3:00pm on Saturday 1st September.

Let’s have some fun

Much Love
Ursula T


I have photographed many warrior woman in my studio, but this lady is just phenomenal, I am privileged to have met and spent time with her.

This is CJ, breast cancer survivor, she has the scars to show of her incredibly brave journey, and yet she is kind and still smiles at the world.

I am reminded constantly in my business, how relentless the human spirit is and how brave women can be.


This is Cj, she is beautiful…