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I specialise in beautiful printed portraits, using natural light. My passion is capturing your journey and creating lifetime treasures and heirlooms to leave behind for generations to love and cherish.

Christmas is around the corner (I can’t believe it actually)

Hi lovelies 🙂

For Christmas this year (around the corner already – crazy actually).

You could support my business this year, which I will be so, so grateful for and buy your loved one a gift voucher or a book a boudoir package?

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Your support means the world to me and you know I will offer an incredible service too 😍😍😍

Have a happy Friday, keep smiling

Much love

Ursula T


Devaksha – a voice testimony

Good morning lovelies 🙂

I hope you had an amazing weekend.When I did D’s post, I thought that I had lost her voice testimony and I felt devastated, because it is not a rehearsed recording, it’s on the fly on the day of viewing (so I kind of don’t get that back).

Well I spent time this weekend sorting out my phone, and I found it!!!!

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk, I am so excited.

It’s a couple of minutes to listen to what she has to say about her experience with me and of course her beautiful personal branding portraits to look at.

I’m including D’s link to her business page here, so you can learn more about how she helps women on their own journey in life, which I think is wonderful:


You are just so beautiful, thank you for your voice testimony, I am grateful for you


PS it’s a beautiful day today, keep smiling lovelies

8 years today, it’s my stroke birthday

On this day, exactly 8 years ago, I collapsed on the floor and never woke up the same again.

My life changed in the blink of an eye and I had to re-invent myself and overcome obstacles that were ginormous!

I survived a double stroke, which should have killed me, but, by the grace of God and my angels, I am still here today.

This is always a funny time of the year for me, my anxiety levels are through the roof and I always feel unsettled and unbalanced. I guess it’s because, every year on this day 3rd October (2012), I went through a beyond devastating trauma, that I constantly have to work on releasing and healing.

I’m not sure if it’s getting better with time, the emotional rollercoaster, but physically, I am so much stronger now, and spiritually I have grown. I have embraced my journey, as tough as it is on most days and I have tried to look beyond the physical.

Today I celebrate my survival, my 8 year survival birthday, my will to live and sheer determination.

I celebrate my story, my accomplishments and my beautiful studio, which I have built up one handed, mind you 😉

I choose life, I choose happiness, I choose to inspire, to create and to empower.

Happy stroke birthday to me 🙂

I would love to photograph your story, beautifully.

Come try me lovelies?

Much love, keep smiling

Ursula T


My Spring specials are ending in two days already,

What would it take, for me to photograph you so beautifully, that it changes the way you see yourself (probably forever)?

If you have been following me for a while now, you would understand a bit about how passionate I am about helping women look and feel incredible.

You would also understand, that I am the best at what I do here and my promise is that I won’t disappoint you.

Here is how I see my business. “I want to photograph every girl, that has ever looked in the mirror and not felt good enough”. Because I know, I can help with this and your portrait is just the end product, there is so much in between.

It’s a magical experience, in a safe, loving, fun-filled environment and it’s all about you!

Come try me?

I know beautiful, let me show you yours

My spring specials are ending 30th September, so you only have two days to book your spot, I also have 2 offers on the table:

I would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.

Much love, keep smiling

Ursula T

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Hi lovelies 🙂

Meet the incredibly beautiful Devaksha, this is her story…

D is a mother of two beautiful children (a son who is drop dead gorgeous! And a daughter just so beautiful), she is turning forty three next month so we will have to wish her to make her day special. She is getting married next year to the love her life Kuben, this is her second marriage and oh my goodness does her whole face light up when she speaks about him – I loved this so much by the way – maybe one day my face will light up too. I’m going to be doing her bridal portraits – eeeeek – traditional wear and this makes my soul dance!

D has been in corporate for many years and we all know how that can be right? Too much stress and nonsense, but she is taking a bold brave step and is venturing out to start a mindfulness business after hours and on the side while holding down a full time job at ABSA. It is very exciting indeed!

D is doing a warrior course called – how is this name – We are She – isn’t that just the most amazing name? I loved hearing about this and you won’t believe this, but I recorded her viewing yesterday and more about her mindfulness couching business and I lost it – I was devastated this morning, but D will send me voice note for me to share with you, so we can support her business.

We had an amazing day together, we just clicked on another level, it was so special.

D is an incredible woman! She is powerful and kind and in her interview yesterday, I asked her about her experience with me (still can’t believe I lost my voice note – I feel like crying!), at the beginning she wasn’t going to come for her session with me, there were a few blocks for me to work on with her, mainly that she never does anything for herself and couldn’t yet see the value in coming to do a personal branding session and spoiling herself for a change. But Ursula T never gives up on a client 😉, so she came and I knew I had to blow her away.

One thing we were talking around is I am not just a photographer, I am a healer and I share my energy freely with others. Kuben even said to her the next day, I don’t know what Ursula has done to you, but you are a whole new person. So we chatted (and ask D, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey – for real) and what she felt is that I helped her unleash her inner self that she had been suppressing too long and spending time with me just changed that immediately.

She absolutely loved her pamper with Tammy (who is going to do her wedding makeup next year), she was just so happy that she came. I think we will do lots together in the future and I am so grateful our paths crossed.

So lovelies, I am so much more than a photographer and my passion for helping women is so strong that I honestly want to photograph as many of you as I possibly can, before I leave this planet. Come try me? Your portraits are the end result, but the experience will change how you see yourself.I’m including a screen shot from D with her portraits, just look how beautiful she is?

My dearest D,

You are so incredibly beautiful, in more ways than you can see, thank you for supporting me, for loving me, for trusting me to photograph you beautifully. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be myself (you know that wild, crazy artist pixie?)Thank you for your love, your energy and for sharing your beauty with me.

Good grief, you are amazing!!!!

Much love and forever grateful

Ursula T


I always love a black and white portrait 😉 and look how kind D is – gosh my heart wants to explode with happiness right now

Book your sessions lovelies, I won’t disappoint you:

Beautiful Tammy

Hi my lovelies 🙂

Meet beautiful Tammy, who is joining my team…I always photograph my ladies and introduce them to you.

Tammy, is highly qualified in skin care, as well as hair and makeup (which aligns with my dreams here). She is also incredibly passionate about helping women feel and look beautiful. Talented is an understatement with her.

When I offered to photograph Tammy, besides being nervous to hop in front of my camera, she told me how much she adores black and white photos, so for the first time, I did 95% of her session in black and white – straight in camera (as opposed to converting to black and white in Photoshop post production). I must say, I’m in love with the setting and overly proud of my first attempt to get it right in camera.I had to do a few in colour, to show off her spectacular makeup skills and the colour of her eyes.

How beautiful is this woman? Oh my goodness!She is amazing, in every way. Kind, caring and sweet.Welcome to the team beautiful Tammy. I am beyond excited to be working with you, I just know we will go far together.

On a side note here, we will be doing facials here in studio again, pretty soon – you know, a pre-shoot pamper… all about your skin preparation…If you haven’t joined my private boudoir group yet, you may want to – because boudoir was the main theme for Tammy’s shoot – absolutely beautiful!!!!

Please help me welcome this amazing human to my studio, she is coming for her viewing tomorrow and I will show her your messages.

Have a beautiful spring afternoon, keep smiling lovelies

And isn’t it time to book your session? I’m pretty sure it is, here is my spring offer:

Much love

Ursula T

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A portrait for my helper

Hi lovelies J

I am beyond excited it’s getting a bit warmer – I honestly don’t handle the cold too well… I’m wearing a dress today (hairy legs and all).

When my studio is a bit quieter, I very often sit and think about life, my business, what I have done and what I have not done, where I am going and where I have been.

I am also very often, my own worst enemy, always striving for perfection and I put a HUGE amount of pressure on myself to succeed in life. Probably why I had my strokes in the first place?

Today I was I thinking around the things that are stable in my studio, you know things that are always the same and things I don’t or won’t change, because I believe very much in consistency.

The one thing (of many), that has always worked for me as a business woman and photographer of women, is every lady I photograph and spend time with, gets the same amount of love, energy, service and quality from me. Whether it is a free shoot, a 2k shoot or a 32k shoot, I will not compromise any of those things. Anyone that comes to work with me, is expected to do the same too.

If I am asked what my client’s budget is, my answer is mostly, “I don’t know and nor do I mind, because ultimately she will get all of my energy, all of my love and all of my service on her special day with me and my processes remain the same too. Now I get a lot of people saying you must ask – but I just can’t, because I don’t want it to have an effect on how I service my client. Does that sense?

Today, I spent time taking a few shots of my helper Taonga. She has been with me for a while now and I have so much love for her. She is amazing!!! We have a special connection and always want the best for her.

When I pick up my camera, I always revert to love, energy, service and quality. It’s like a pre-programmed mind set. Of course she is not going to pay me, of course I don’t mind. I had some time and I love what I do, deeply and passionately.

I didn’t tell her, but I’m going to give her a print for Christmas this year as a surprise.

She has never been photographed before and there was no makeover (although I would love to do tis next time for her). I literally caught her on her way home today, threw my lipstick and mascara at her (not literally) and told her to sit for me for a minute.

She is just so beautiful!!!

What do you think? Do you think she will love this portrait as a gift lovelies?

I hope so….

PS she calls my Aunty or her majesty when I’m bossing her around in studio lol

EVERY girl deserves a beautiful portrait of herself, come try me?

I won’t disappoint you

Have a beautiful evening, keep smiling

Much love,

Ursula T

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Roxanne – Woman’s Day Winner

Good morning lovelies 🙂

Let us start our week with the very beautiful, most glamorous Roxanne….

Some of you might remember Roxanne, was my woman’s day competition winner from this year and oh my goodness, she did so good!

Roxanne, is a lockdown mommy – her first, Liam, born in a home birth, during this pandemic.

I loved every second of my day with Roxanne, she walked in all nervous (this is the common feeling with my ladies, until they spend 5 minutes with me and see that I’m just a girl, a dash wild, doing what I absolutely love doing! And there is nothing to be nervous of).

For Roxanne, Bianca did Hollywood curls – LOVE – and we decided to use some gold wrap in her final sequence (excuse the pun here – gold sequence – lol).

This was Roxanne’s first professional makeover – so that was exciting! What girl doesn’t want to feel like a million bucks right now?

Beautiful Roxanne,

Thank you for trusting me, thank you for loving me, thank you for helping me and looking after me (and thank you for pouring my whiskeys – nawty Ursula ;-)).

You are beyond beautiful, head to toe, inside out and I am honoured that I got to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you!

I am so, so proud of you.
Much love
Ursula T

Enjoy your portraits, made with love…

Mom and Daughter sessions

This is my most favourite portrait session to do. I have a few coming up in the next few weeks.

It is a special day to enjoy together and I absolutely adore seeing the genetic resemblances and the relationship between mom and daughter/s.

There is always some magic around creating portraits to be left behind one day as a memory (a family heirloom, a treasure that has no price tag).

This is from not so long ago and everytime I look at is, I still gasp and think to myself, how incredibly beautiful are they! Marie and Ime, look so much alike and they had a very special bond with each other. I will never forget them or this day.

How do want to be remembered one one?

Let me photograph you beautifully….

You can book your portrait session by taking a voucher below. I will be one voucher each for girls over the age of 14.

Much love

Ursula T



Mom and daughters:

Good morning lovelies 🙂

I could talk about mom and daughter sessions all day long!

There is nothing like a bond between a mom and her daughters (and sons of course), and then there is the special bond between siblings.

This is my favourite portrait session (this and boudoir), I get to photograph legacies and family heirlooms (which of course become so important when we pass on – it is really the only thing of real value we leave behind isn’t it?). I get to see genes passed on and similarities in face structures (which fascinates me every time) and differences in personalities and the way a family interacts.

It’s just so beautiful to me!

Doing a mom/daughter session with me, is firstly about an incredible experience, where little humans are free to be themselves, in a safe environment filled with love and excitement.

So today let me talk about Hannah (8 years old, brunette) and Grace (11 years old – blonde). I kept on getting their names confused on the day and on whatsapp with Mum (lol – funny Ursula T).

So little Hannah tells me she was excited for their portrait session for days and days and minutes and minutes and she kept on asking when they were coming to me, and I heard her say so often in the day, that she feels like a little princess. I heard this often during the day, from both the girls and my heart literally wants to pop with love and happiness when I hear this. Hannah also told me I look don’t look 47, I look 30, so naturally, we became best friends in that moment ;-). Hannah, is just so beautiful, inside and out. Just look how gorgeous?

Grace, so very beautiful and graceful, absolutely adores her sister and plays the big sister role so well – insisted on calling me ma’m, until she relaxed and started calling me Aunty Ursula too.

Mum (J), was a little bit more nervous than the little ones (although had no reason to be, because she is just so beautiful!), who just fell into their poses so easily and had fun with it. But everything always comes together so beautifully.

So much love and excitement and kindness and respect and just the perfect day out in the country side in these crazy times we are living in at the moment. My pets are always a hit with little humans and provide a bit of entertainment too on the day.

What a special, special day this was.

I have a huge amount of respect for single moms, I watched my mom brave life as a single parent growing up. It reminds me of my own strength and courage and I am so grateful, for this experience.

To my beautiful girls, thank you for bringing so much love, beauty and joy into my space.

Much love

Ursula T