What does Ursula T do?

In a nutshell, I’m a professional portrait photographer of women (although I do photograph men, children, pets and products too), with an incredibly inspiring story.

I am so passionate about empowering women and showing them how beautiful they are.

My story:

I’m a double stroke survivor, I was only 39 at the time and my world came crashing down over night, I have spent the last 9 years living with left side paralysis and decided to turn my story into something spectacular. I know how it feels to have little confidence, self-esteem issues and I also know how to rise up and conquer my challenges. I know how it feels to look in the mirror and not like myself. So I want to photograph every women that has felt the same as me, I know I can help J

What I do:

I take my ladies through an incredible experience in studio. It’s life changing. It is my promise that you will see yourself very differently after a day with me. I know beautiful, let me show you yours.

A portrait session comes with a makeover in studio (hair styling, makeup and wardrobe consult), with the very best in the industry. Who doesn’t need a day of fun and pampering to be remembered? I always tell my ladies to book a night out after because you will look and feel incredible.

After your makeover, you get to experience a guided, posed photoshoot with me using natural light, I’m the queen of posing, so I know you will be perfect! This is where you get to feel like a super model and you fall in love with yourself again. I’m a lot of fun and this is where I shine, and in turn my ladies shine too. It’s the perfect exchange of energy, creating art together, creating your perfect portrait for whatever you need it for.

I take a few days to do retouching and editing and shortly after your shoot, I invite you back to a personal viewing to see the end result of our magical time together. This, this is where you see yourself through my eyes, so to speak (or should I say lens? ;-)). You get to choose products that you fall in love with, products to last all your days as a beautiful reminder of that one special day, where you were completely free to be your gorgeous self, a reminder of how beautiful you are. A moment frozen in time.

The final step in my process, is to collect your product, which I know will blow you away!!!

I photograph women, I photograph their stories and I share freely my healing energy to uplift, empower, create and inspire.

My name is Ursula T, and II would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.

You can book your spot by taking a voucher below or take a look at my packages on offer (always good value here):

Much love

Ursula T