Good morning lovelies 🙂

I could talk about mom and daughter sessions all day long!

There is nothing like a bond between a mom and her daughters (and sons of course). There is nothing like family resemblance either – creation is incredible actually.

This is my favourite portrait session (this and boudoir), I get to photograph legacies and family heirlooms (which of course become so important when we pass on – it is really the only thing of real value we leave behind isn’t it?). I get to see genes passed on and similarities in face structures (which fascinates me every time) and differences in personalities and the way a family interacts.

It’s just so beautiful to me!

Doing a mom/daughter session with me, is firstly about an incredible experience, where little humans are free to be themselves, in a safe environment filled with love and excitement. It is also about creating timeless art which I know is valuable beyond price paid.

With Lorna (mum) and Lexi (just turned 13), there was so much love and excitement and kindness and respect and just the perfect day out in the country side in these crazy times we are living in at the moment. My pets are always a hit with little humans and provide a bit of entertainment too on the day.

What a special, special day this was.

When I photograph families or groups, I always do individual portraits, then together portraits, then I would do the group last – this makes sure I have interacted enough with everyone to do a really special group photograph (which I carefully pose too).

Do you know that 99% of my clients, have never experienced a professional photoshoot before?

They wouldn’t know a professional image from an amateur image, until they see them side by side. When I say, I want to take the most beautiful photograph you have of yourself – I know what I’m talking about and it certainly is my job to make sure I have done my job (and I always go beyond and above for my clients to produce professional, beautiful images)

Make 2021 YOUR portrait year, with Ursula T

To my beautiful girls Lorna and Lexi, thank you for bringing so much love, beauty and joy into my space.

Much love

Ursula T