Turning thirteen, is a milestone in life, Lorna (mum) has been following me for many years and Lexi’s milestone birthday was the perfect timing.

They were a bit nervous until they actually met me, for those that know me, I am very much a people’s person, I am free and I am always myself, so it is easy to feel comfortable around me ;-).

My Portrait sessions are well organized and Lorna expressed how she enjoyed that, from the arrival, through to the posing and outfit changes. Their viewing was filled with tears of joy and love and appreciation for their day together.

Both felt beautiful, and had loads of fun here and of course their portraits are absolutely stunning!

When I do a mom/daughter portrait session, I do individual and together portraits, so everyone has their own portfolio and choice of portraits.

Happy 2021 my lovelies, I hope that this year is kinder to us all, it’s been a bit wild out there. I am an optimist and I know this year will be amazing. I am way to passionate about helping my ladies feel beautiful and showing them how beautiful they are, to let outside things influence my dreams and goals ;-).

Ask me about your mom/daughter session?

I would love to create your family heirloom, photograph you beautifully and spend time with you

Make 2021 your portrait year with Ursula T

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling

Much love.

Ursula T

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