There was once a time when Vikings roamed the earth, and still today, there are a few that do.

I’m not sure if you’ll remember my blog post about my own heritage being of Viking decent, I’ll put the link below for you. It certainly explains where I get my strength from (perhaps).

Meet Wayne, gosh I think he is just so beautiful! I have a huge attraction for his look, must be my inner Viking still remembering the days when we were free to roam.

I met Wayne on Tinder (nawty Ursula T ;-)), and we have been chatting every day for a while now and lucky me got a second date with him this weekend, hopefully many more to follow. I can’t remember when last I have laughed so much and felt so content and happy. What better way to celebrate than a quick 5 minute portrait session?

Ok, enough about my love life….

Dearest Wayne,

You are a gentleman through and through, thank you for looking for more in me than the physical side of me. I have loved every minute with you.

Thank you for making me feel safe and for all the giggles and laughs and amazing company, the fun, love and affection.

Big tick to you my Viking!!

PS. Yes I photograph men too, I photograph them beautifully 😉

I hope you have an incredible week my lovelies, keep smiling

Much love

Ursula T