On this day, exactly 8 years ago, I collapsed on the floor and never woke up the same again.

My life changed in the blink of an eye and I had to re-invent myself and overcome obstacles that were ginormous!

I survived a double stroke, which should have killed me, but, by the grace of God and my angels, I am still here today.

This is always a funny time of the year for me, my anxiety levels are through the roof and I always feel unsettled and unbalanced. I guess it’s because, every year on this day 3rd October (2012), I went through a beyond devastating trauma, that I constantly have to work on releasing and healing.

I’m not sure if it’s getting better with time, the emotional rollercoaster, but physically, I am so much stronger now, and spiritually I have grown. I have embraced my journey, as tough as it is on most days and I have tried to look beyond the physical.

Today I celebrate my survival, my 8 year survival birthday, my will to live and sheer determination.

I celebrate my story, my accomplishments and my beautiful studio, which I have built up one handed, mind you 😉

I choose life, I choose happiness, I choose to inspire, to create and to empower.

Happy stroke birthday to me 🙂

I would love to photograph your story, beautifully.

Come try me lovelies?

Much love, keep smiling

Ursula T