My Spring specials are ending in two days already,

What would it take, for me to photograph you so beautifully, that it changes the way you see yourself (probably forever)?

If you have been following me for a while now, you would understand a bit about how passionate I am about helping women look and feel incredible.

You would also understand, that I am the best at what I do here and my promise is that I won’t disappoint you.

Here is how I see my business. “I want to photograph every girl, that has ever looked in the mirror and not felt good enough”. Because I know, I can help with this and your portrait is just the end product, there is so much in between.

It’s a magical experience, in a safe, loving, fun-filled environment and it’s all about you!

Come try me?

I know beautiful, let me show you yours

My spring specials are ending 30th September, so you only have two days to book your spot, I also have 2 offers on the table:

I would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.

Much love, keep smiling

Ursula T

064 51 1433

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