Hi lovelies 🙂

Meet the incredibly beautiful Devaksha, this is her story…

D is a mother of two beautiful children (a son who is drop dead gorgeous! And a daughter just so beautiful), she is turning forty three next month so we will have to wish her to make her day special. She is getting married next year to the love her life Kuben, this is her second marriage and oh my goodness does her whole face light up when she speaks about him – I loved this so much by the way – maybe one day my face will light up too. I’m going to be doing her bridal portraits – eeeeek – traditional wear and this makes my soul dance!

D has been in corporate for many years and we all know how that can be right? Too much stress and nonsense, but she is taking a bold brave step and is venturing out to start a mindfulness business after hours and on the side while holding down a full time job at ABSA. It is very exciting indeed!

D is doing a warrior course called – how is this name – We are She – isn’t that just the most amazing name? I loved hearing about this and you won’t believe this, but I recorded her viewing yesterday and more about her mindfulness couching business and I lost it – I was devastated this morning, but D will send me voice note for me to share with you, so we can support her business.

We had an amazing day together, we just clicked on another level, it was so special.

D is an incredible woman! She is powerful and kind and in her interview yesterday, I asked her about her experience with me (still can’t believe I lost my voice note – I feel like crying!), at the beginning she wasn’t going to come for her session with me, there were a few blocks for me to work on with her, mainly that she never does anything for herself and couldn’t yet see the value in coming to do a personal branding session and spoiling herself for a change. But Ursula T never gives up on a client 😉, so she came and I knew I had to blow her away.

One thing we were talking around is I am not just a photographer, I am a healer and I share my energy freely with others. Kuben even said to her the next day, I don’t know what Ursula has done to you, but you are a whole new person. So we chatted (and ask D, I can talk the hind legs off a donkey – for real) and what she felt is that I helped her unleash her inner self that she had been suppressing too long and spending time with me just changed that immediately.

She absolutely loved her pamper with Tammy (who is going to do her wedding makeup next year), she was just so happy that she came. I think we will do lots together in the future and I am so grateful our paths crossed.

So lovelies, I am so much more than a photographer and my passion for helping women is so strong that I honestly want to photograph as many of you as I possibly can, before I leave this planet. Come try me? Your portraits are the end result, but the experience will change how you see yourself.I’m including a screen shot from D with her portraits, just look how beautiful she is?

My dearest D,

You are so incredibly beautiful, in more ways than you can see, thank you for supporting me, for loving me, for trusting me to photograph you beautifully. Thank you for giving me the freedom to be myself (you know that wild, crazy artist pixie?)Thank you for your love, your energy and for sharing your beauty with me.

Good grief, you are amazing!!!!

Much love and forever grateful

Ursula T


I always love a black and white portrait 😉 and look how kind D is – gosh my heart wants to explode with happiness right now

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