Beautiful Tammy

Hi my lovelies 🙂

Meet beautiful Tammy, who is joining my team…I always photograph my ladies and introduce them to you.

Tammy, is highly qualified in skin care, as well as hair and makeup (which aligns with my dreams here). She is also incredibly passionate about helping women feel and look beautiful. Talented is an understatement with her.

When I offered to photograph Tammy, besides being nervous to hop in front of my camera, she told me how much she adores black and white photos, so for the first time, I did 95% of her session in black and white – straight in camera (as opposed to converting to black and white in Photoshop post production). I must say, I’m in love with the setting and overly proud of my first attempt to get it right in camera.I had to do a few in colour, to show off her spectacular makeup skills and the colour of her eyes.

How beautiful is this woman? Oh my goodness!She is amazing, in every way. Kind, caring and sweet.Welcome to the team beautiful Tammy. I am beyond excited to be working with you, I just know we will go far together.

On a side note here, we will be doing facials here in studio again, pretty soon – you know, a pre-shoot pamper… all about your skin preparation…If you haven’t joined my private boudoir group yet, you may want to – because boudoir was the main theme for Tammy’s shoot – absolutely beautiful!!!!

Please help me welcome this amazing human to my studio, she is coming for her viewing tomorrow and I will show her your messages.

Have a beautiful spring afternoon, keep smiling lovelies

And isn’t it time to book your session? I’m pretty sure it is, here is my spring offer:

Much love

Ursula T

064 551 1433


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