A portrait for my helper

Hi lovelies J

I am beyond excited it’s getting a bit warmer – I honestly don’t handle the cold too well… I’m wearing a dress today (hairy legs and all).

When my studio is a bit quieter, I very often sit and think about life, my business, what I have done and what I have not done, where I am going and where I have been.

I am also very often, my own worst enemy, always striving for perfection and I put a HUGE amount of pressure on myself to succeed in life. Probably why I had my strokes in the first place?

Today I was I thinking around the things that are stable in my studio, you know things that are always the same and things I don’t or won’t change, because I believe very much in consistency.

The one thing (of many), that has always worked for me as a business woman and photographer of women, is every lady I photograph and spend time with, gets the same amount of love, energy, service and quality from me. Whether it is a free shoot, a 2k shoot or a 32k shoot, I will not compromise any of those things. Anyone that comes to work with me, is expected to do the same too.

If I am asked what my client’s budget is, my answer is mostly, “I don’t know and nor do I mind, because ultimately she will get all of my energy, all of my love and all of my service on her special day with me and my processes remain the same too. Now I get a lot of people saying you must ask – but I just can’t, because I don’t want it to have an effect on how I service my client. Does that sense?

Today, I spent time taking a few shots of my helper Taonga. She has been with me for a while now and I have so much love for her. She is amazing!!! We have a special connection and always want the best for her.

When I pick up my camera, I always revert to love, energy, service and quality. It’s like a pre-programmed mind set. Of course she is not going to pay me, of course I don’t mind. I had some time and I love what I do, deeply and passionately.

I didn’t tell her, but I’m going to give her a print for Christmas this year as a surprise.

She has never been photographed before and there was no makeover (although I would love to do tis next time for her). I literally caught her on her way home today, threw my lipstick and mascara at her (not literally) and told her to sit for me for a minute.

She is just so beautiful!!!

What do you think? Do you think she will love this portrait as a gift lovelies?

I hope so….

PS she calls my Aunty or her majesty when I’m bossing her around in studio lol

EVERY girl deserves a beautiful portrait of herself, come try me?

I won’t disappoint you

Have a beautiful evening, keep smiling

Much love,

Ursula T

064 551 1433



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