Mom and daughters:

Good morning lovelies 🙂

I could talk about mom and daughter sessions all day long!

There is nothing like a bond between a mom and her daughters (and sons of course), and then there is the special bond between siblings.

This is my favourite portrait session (this and boudoir), I get to photograph legacies and family heirlooms (which of course become so important when we pass on – it is really the only thing of real value we leave behind isn’t it?). I get to see genes passed on and similarities in face structures (which fascinates me every time) and differences in personalities and the way a family interacts.

It’s just so beautiful to me!

Doing a mom/daughter session with me, is firstly about an incredible experience, where little humans are free to be themselves, in a safe environment filled with love and excitement.

So today let me talk about Hannah (8 years old, brunette) and Grace (11 years old – blonde). I kept on getting their names confused on the day and on whatsapp with Mum (lol – funny Ursula T).

So little Hannah tells me she was excited for their portrait session for days and days and minutes and minutes and she kept on asking when they were coming to me, and I heard her say so often in the day, that she feels like a little princess. I heard this often during the day, from both the girls and my heart literally wants to pop with love and happiness when I hear this. Hannah also told me I look don’t look 47, I look 30, so naturally, we became best friends in that moment ;-). Hannah, is just so beautiful, inside and out. Just look how gorgeous?

Grace, so very beautiful and graceful, absolutely adores her sister and plays the big sister role so well – insisted on calling me ma’m, until she relaxed and started calling me Aunty Ursula too.

Mum (J), was a little bit more nervous than the little ones (although had no reason to be, because she is just so beautiful!), who just fell into their poses so easily and had fun with it. But everything always comes together so beautifully.

So much love and excitement and kindness and respect and just the perfect day out in the country side in these crazy times we are living in at the moment. My pets are always a hit with little humans and provide a bit of entertainment too on the day.

What a special, special day this was.

I have a huge amount of respect for single moms, I watched my mom brave life as a single parent growing up. It reminds me of my own strength and courage and I am so grateful, for this experience.

To my beautiful girls, thank you for bringing so much love, beauty and joy into my space.

Much love

Ursula T


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