Hi lovelies 🙂

It’s a beautiful day today. I’m in front of my gas heater (full blast), drinking coffee, reflecting a little bit about life.  I have so much to be grateful for actually and I honour my journey.

I often get asked, how long I have been a photographer for, or how long I have been in business for.

So here is a summarised timeline, which by the way, I am incredibly proud of. I have done so much and learnt so much and I have had incredible experiences as a photographer and as a human being on this planet. I have photographed hundreds of people by now.

I’m skipping over my amateur days, which started in 2006, not because I embarrassed of my work from back then, but because, a) I don’t have much left over in my archives from back then (you know, hard drives crash, things get lost etc.) b) we talking about how long I have been in business for (as an amateur, I was not earning revenue yet).

2009, I stepped out on my own as a wedding photographer, a maternity photographer. This was after I spent 3 years learning from the best in the industry. Go ahead and google Andrea Carlyle and Dror Eyal, Jules Morgan – to mention just a few. I started charging, right off the bat, what the best were charging. I knew I had done the work and I knew I was good. I knew I had found my passion and this is what I was going to do. I got booked real fast and I was abundantly blessed in my business, from day 1!

2010, I started doing glamour portraits. I had heard about this from Andrea and I fell in love with the idea. I was still shooting weddings then too, and I had opened up my urban beauty spa (gosh I loved that place – my soul was in there). I hadn’t learnt the business side of portraits yet here, so I was a shoot and burn photographer, offering no printed product yet, but oh boy, I was hooked on the concept.

2012 I had my strokes and spent almost a year in hospital trying to recover from a near death experience. I took a sabbatical, if you can even call it that?

2014 I had enough of feeling sorry for myself, I could feel my passion slowly dying inside me. So I pulled it together (thanks to a very stern pep talk from my mentors). I focused on the business side of portraits, fell in love with printed product and the thought of really helping women feel beautiful. So I learnt to shoot one handed and studied women and posing. and then I just did it.

2020 Well here I am, doing what I do. My passion is alive, my soul is on fire. Have I had tough times? Sure, I have. Have I ever wanted to give up on my business and just quit and get a job? Not for one second!

If you look at 2009 to now – I have always been in the business of photography, sure I changed genres to portraits, so I could adapt my physical difficulties to what I really want to do in life, weddings are not possible for now, but I’m photographing. I have always been in the business of posing and creating beautiful photographs.

What’s to come?

More of what I do, hopefully on a bigger scale (I’m a big dreamer and extremely ambitious).

What do I do?

I’m an inspirational professional portrait photographer, specialising in helping women feel beautiful. I do this through gorgeous printed products, using natural light. I’m in the business of photography and I love what I do, so very much!

Book your sessions my lovelies, I know I won’t disappoint you.

Much Love

Ursula T