Hi lovelies 🙂

What an exciting time to be living in. Well at least I think so 😉

I know there are many people who are petrified of this covid and what the future holds. I completely understand this and I have my moments of fear too, but I am trying to remain calm and do my thing still.

Staying focused is not easy, staying motivated, even more difficult.

People always tell me that I am so strong and so positive always. They ask me how I do it. The truth is, I am not always strong, motivated and positive, I have my weak moments just like everybody else.

What I do, is I don’t let those moments define me nor do I let them take me off course.

So I have decided that, determination and courage will see me through these trying times.

Today is the last day for my covid conquerer specials and then I am back at full pricing for my portrait sessions – don’t miss out! I have extended my shoot by dates, well into next year, so we will have time to get your sessions done, and I will honour my pricing to you.

I have also added beauty products (which we are allowed to deliver during lock-down) to my shop, so you can still have beautiful skin and hair.

I’m taking this time to learn new technologies and come up with new marketing strategies too. So for me, it is not all doom and gloom!

A Huge thank you to all my ladies that continue to support my dream and business during these times.

Links below for my specials: