Hi lovelies,

I truly hope that you are doing ok and have all that you need in this crazy time we are in.

I’m sure most of you know my story by now and if not you can pop over to website or facebook page to learn more about it.

While we are in lockdown, I am offering a free half an hour online “facetime” consult, and I am taking the next two weeks to schedule time to talk with you.I use zoom which by the way is an amazing tool – you need a pc with webcam or your smart phone will do too.

We can use this time for sharing stories, asking questions, having a giggle and I would also love to tell you why I want to photograph you.

We can stay in pj’s with messy hair if you want and of course children and pets are most welcome.

All you need to do, is send me a whatsapp on 0796933784, with your name and “let’s chat” and I’ll set it up.

I can’t wait to meet you beautiful!