Hi lovelies 🙂

Meet beautiful Jady (how divine is her name and her portrait?).

You know how you meet a woman, and she is powerful? This is Jady.

Jady came in for a personal branding session (for those that don’t know, this is for social media – websites etc), now I don’t consider myself as a digital photographer, but rather a full service (print specialist) photographer. I Obviously service my clients as per their wishes.

Jady manages an npo called Phillys Robertson Homes, a home for physically and mentally challenged people and has a beautiful daughter who has mental challenges, although she is fiercely independent.

I have so much respect for you beautiful Jady. Thank you for a special day, thank you for supporting me. I’m super happy you were so excited and felt so gorgeous!

How do you wish to be photographed?

Book your sessions my lovelies, I won’t disappoint you 😍😍😍

Much Love
Ursula T