Hi my lovelies,

Jaclynn went on a body fitness journey, lost an incredible amount of weight and does fitness shows now. I have a huge amount of respect for this (I was once there myself), it is incredibly difficult to get there, the discipline needed is pure torture!

Jaclynn did her portrait session for herself to have beautiful pictures to treasure and had seen my work through a friend. She was excited and a little bit nervous before her session, but soon felt pampered and comfortable. Posing was a breeze for Jaclynn, although she didn’t think so at the time and we had an incredible day together.

I always interview my ladies at their viewing and I love hearing about their experience here (it makes my heart smile and soul dance). One question I asked Jaclynn today was “explain the difference between a photoshoot, because you have had many and a portrait session with Ursula T?”, this was her answer:
“your portraits are timeless, classy and tasteful and I can see how much time, effort and love you have poured into them” – how beautiful is that?

Oh my gosh, I am deeply in love with what I do, and I would love to photograph you beautifully and spend time with you.