I posted about this not so long ago and I had an amazing response from you (Thank you for that). I’m the type of girl that follows through with what I say and so, I’m putting myself out there.
My first power hour day Saturday 7th December 2019 let’s say from 2pm to 6pm (I’ll create an event on fb too)….

Here is what I would like:
A maximum of 5 ladies with similar stories as each other to join me in studio (chartwell north, fourways) in a safe, casual, loving environment. To share their story and be inspired and empowered by our get together.
To do this, I encourage you to please send me an email – with the subject: Ursula T power hour – “insert your story description”.
In the body of your email, I would love to hear a brief introduction (so I can put similar ladies together).
I will respond and send you an official invite for the day.
We will do snacks, chats, hugs and bubbles, laugh, cry, laugh some more. We will network and help those in business and start our own gang?

In case you are wondering, here is what I can chat around (from my own personal experiences):
* childhood abuse
* marriage and divorce
* mental and emotional and physical abuse
* overcoming illness
* dealing with:
grief, loss, abandonment, self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence
* building yourself up again
* learning to love yourself again

😍 I am deeply passionate about helping you!

If you know anyone that needs this, I would love to follow through with this, but I obviously need your help to do it…

Please feel safe to email me on ursula@ursula-t.com, your story may just help another soul who feels completely lost right now in life. Or drop your email in the comments and I will reach out to you (or tag a bestie that needs me)

Much Love
Ursula T

Inspire, empower and keep smiling my lovelies.