Hi lovelies,

Meet beautiful June.
In the middle of chemotherapy, for the second time around. Double mastectomy, sixty two and sassy.

Ursula T: “Why did you choose me?”

June: “I saw your facebook advert where you said I know beautiful and I wanted that”

Ursula T: “Why did you do it?”

June: “I’m in chemo for the second time around and I’m not feeling beautiful at all, my hair is falling out and I just needed a pick me up, I wanted you to bring my beautiful out”

Ursula T: “How did you feel after your session, did you think we helped you feel beautiful?”

June: ” Yes! I would recommend this to any lady going through a difficult time and of course my hair and makeup was so beautifully done”

Dear June,
Just look at you! you look like a queen, in the middle of all you are going through! You are beautiful and I am honoured that you chose me and trusted me to photograph you. I am deeply grateful for your support and I will never forget you.

Much Love

Ursula T