Hi boudie babes 🙂

This is from a while back and today I want to talk around doing a boudoir session when you hit your 40’s and 50’s and upwards. This is the best age because we are over that awkward body shaming phase in our lives, we are more confident and more free to be ourselves (mostly)

Our bodies change with time, having children lifestyle etc. But this is perfectly ok. Please believe me when I say, I know how it feels not to love your body anymore. Here’s the thing about this topic…

Your size, age, colour, lumps and bumps, rolls and marks are perfectly beautiful to me. I don’t see it (what you think is your flaws, all I see is beautiful existence and a story to tell). There is no judgment in my studio, ever. Only a loving, caring and empowering environment.

My passion, is to help you feel beautiful, I’m good at this (In fact, I hear I am the best at this)

So let me empower you, let me show you how incredibly beautiful you are (flaws and all).

Come do a boudoir session with me, so I can help you see yourself in a different light.

It’s an incredible experience and I promise you are safe with me. I also promise you will leave here feeling like a million dollars (as you should anyway). I also promise a whole lot of fun and incredible printed products to treasure all the rest of your days.

Come try us?

Much Love

Ursula T



PS beautiful Elmarie is 50+ and fabulous 😉 and all I had to do in post production is a few nips and tucks because she is already so incredible.

😍😍😍 Just do it 😉