Good morning lovelies 🙂 
I’m up early today, no idea why, but here I sit listening to the birds chirping and enjoying a cup of coffee, divine actually!
Today, I want to talk around what a portrait is.
Meet beautiful Cara.
The first pic is a selfie (and how beautiful is Cara?), second pic is Cara’s before snapshot/pic and the third is well, a portrait.

I don’t think I need to explain any further because it’s quite obvious.
Sometimes all a girl needs is a black number and a dash of red lips and Ursula T 😉

Cara is a corporate girl and came to me for her personal branding portfolio, personal branding is how you want to be noticed on platforms such as LinkedIn. When I asked Cara why she thinks it is so important she responded “try get a high profiled job with a crap photo and there are so many bad photos on LinkedIn, I loved your work and I wanted the best portrait of me for my social media presence, for my professional image”
Book your portrait sessions ladies and gents, let’s get you noticed on professional platforms like LinkedIn, it may help you get that interview/job

I have a special package just for this, it’s my private collection package, here is the link: