Hi my lovelies,

Long post and eye leaking warning 😉

Today, I am sharing Christine’s story. Christine came to my event in September and was one of my prize winners. I am so happy she won this, because I know she needed it.

Christine had a brain stem stroke (as I did) just short of a year ago, so it is very early days for her and I remember these days so well!

She is still in a wheelchair (so she bought her own photo prop with ;-)), but I believe this will change soon because beautiful Christine has all that she needs to walk again. Determination and courage and a heart full of love for life!

There is a bit of facial distortion, which will get better with time too. This did not stop Christine from smiling and laughing all day. She is truly amazing.

We had the opportunity of chatting throughout our session and Christine had many questions to ask me, which of course I was happy to answer. We shed a few tears too and to help encourage this beautiful soul, I showed Christine, that I can take small baby steps on my own without holding onto anything (I know that she will get here too, but this is an incredibly long and difficult journey and I myself have a long way to go still).

Christine arrived here with her husband Shan and her 17 year old son John-Wayne (how cool is his name?) How is this – they got Married in the March and in that November Christine had her stroke, spent time in icu, almost died, but pulled through (incredible). I was blown away by the love still shared between husband and wife firstly and by the kindness and support of her son who is still so young.

John-Wayne became my studio assistant for the day and we had loads of time to chat as well, he too had many questions and I think it was good for him to see there is hope for his mom, who he loves dearly. Of course he poured me lots of bubbles too 😉

I really hope that I was able to give something beyond a photoshoot here, and I have this to say:

Beautiful Christine,

You are amazing, I know this is a tough journey, but I see a fire in you that burns bright and you are so beautiful. I know that you can do this! I am here for you, anytime you need to chat. You keep smiling and laughing and being determined, this is how you get there my darling!


You are an incredible human being, husband ;-), thank you for helping me on the day and thank you for giving your mom the love and support she needs to get through this. The world needs more humans like you!


I have huge respect for you for sticking by your wife and loving her unconditionally. You don’t get men like you in the world so often. Thank you for being an example of true love and manhood for all us ladies to see that there are indeed good men left in this world!

Of course here are some portraits of our day together.

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling, book your portrait sessions here

Much Love

Ursula T