Good Morning lovelies ðŸ™‚

My lady from this past Saturday, is coming for her viewing this Saturday, so you will only get to see it afterwards – I save the magic for my clients to see first, I did so well with her session. I am super proud of myself, especially to see how far I have come and how I improve with each session I do.

I’m busy making my favourites folder for this year so far. Which I will share with you at the end of the year.

This portrait of Theelady (from a few months ago) screams at me “Print me extra large and frame me in gold”. This portrait I could stare at and get lost in it, every single day. It’s magical.
When I shoot, I always have an end goal in mind, I always shoot for wall art, something that makes a statement. A treasure, a heirloom, a true piece of art.
This does take skill and technique. I think I am ok in that department ðŸ˜‰
Tomorrow, I have a gorgeous boudie babe session, so if you haven’t already joined my private boudoir group, here is the link again:

I will have new work going up soon in there.

Have a beautiful day, keep smiling
Much love