Beautiful Berta,

Some of you might remember, I did a birthday giveaway last month.

Berta was my winner, so we did her session on 13th May. The prize was an extra large canvas (and a makeover) valued at over R12 500.
The image above on the grey background, was chosen, because Berta a) loved it and b) she wanted something for her grandkids to remember her as is she is now, which is always smiling.
Berta’s story is incredible and she relates to mine so much, because her husband had a terrible accident 7 years ago and has since had 9 strokes (can you believe that?). So beautiful Berta has to take of him.
But just look how gorgeous she is and that smile!!!

I am always honoured, that my ladies share their stories with me and I think, I have such privilege in my life to share time with each one and I get to photograph my ladies beautifully, which makes my soul set on fire!

Thank you Berta, for sharing your story with me and for trusting me and helping me. I loved our session! I know you needed it