This is Yolanda, this is what we got up to yesterday in studio.

Yolanda trains presenters for tv, which I think is an amazing career to have, I can see why she does so well.
She is amazing, creative and has huge plans for really making a difference in our country (which can sometimes feel so bleak these days).

Yolanda’s other name is Hephzibah, which means “I delight in her”. How breathtakingly delightful is she actually?

For a full session, we have time to change outfits and backgrounds, and I was spoilt by Yolanda’s choice of outfits here, designer Psychic by Palesa(amazing designer – we need to chat ;-)).

For boudoir, I normally do silhouettes into the background, because I think it’s beautiful. Here we did more of a detailed shot, because of the gorgeous traditional head ware – this is why I made my reflector boards – I’m getting too clever now.


I adore you! Thank you for an amazing day of creativity, fun, laughter and love.

We will do great things together, I just know it!

I hope you love your portraits as much as I do.

Much Love
Ursula T