Image transformations

Good morning my lovelies 🙂

I often get asked how long I have been doing what I do, as a photographer, I have been in business for 13 years (my lucky number).

I started doing image transformations (images attached) in 2010, completely fell in love with this concept immediately! I saw the value of what I could offer when my first client Chantal (below), burst into tears, when she saw her images for the first time, because she couldn’t believe how gorgeous she actually is.

Unfortunately, just as I got started, I spent 7 months in hospital after my strokes, trying to regain some movement and independence. I lost everything during this time and had to rebuild myself – mostly my mental and emotional health. I took a 3 year sabbatical to pull myself towards myself.

During this time, I invented my business model and studied, studied, how to adapt my new body for what I love most (photographing women) and how to get my business on the go again.

And here I am, doing what I love, wiser and with more love for showing beautiful back to the ladies I am honoured to photograph, thriving in my own little world (despite my challenges).

So, yes, I’ve been doing this for a long time and yes I am the best at what I do 😉

sorry for the long post, felt like chatting today.

Have a beautiful day

Much Love 
Ursula T


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