Classes for Photographers

Welcome to my photography classes now being offered, I’m super excited to help you grow!

I believe in sharing knowledge, and helping fellow photographers create a sustainable business model, by teaching how I got here myself.

You will learn tips and shortcuts to creating a successful portraiture business, or photography business in general, using my knowledge and experience.

I have over 13 years’ experience in photography, over 20 years experience in business and have successfully made money in most genres, from weddings, maternity, couples, now portraiture and I want to show you how.

My online programme, will address and help in many areas of your business, which I know are a struggle for photographers. It is an interactive platform consisting of mainly online videos, where I will answer your questions, invite speakers, address things like pricing, client communication, branding, marketing, editing etc.

Once you have successfully registered, with which ever monthly option suites you, you will be invited to join my Chats and Tips Facebook page – where all the action takes place.

Details below, otherwise I am available to answer any questions you might have in the meantime. I am so excited about this, you should be too!

Let’s get you thriving….

Ursula T

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