Beautiful Mari

Good Morning, what a beautiful day this is šŸ™‚

I have been dying to post this session, because just look how breathtaking Mari is!! WOWZER

Here is the story:

Mari has been on an amazing self discovery journey in her life and what an incredible soul she is.

I have photographed over 50 women this year (I lost count there) and this is the first one to say to me “there is nothing I don’t like about myself, this is me, and I love myself”
This blew my mind, as women are always too hard themselves, too self-critical, too self-judgmental and believe me, I hear it all.

A very big component of my business model is to build women up, show them their inner and outer beauty, build their self confidence show them their beauty through my eyes etc.

Well this was a boudoir session, we started off in an evening gown or two, then into underwear (I will post this in my private boudoir group for the ladies… you can join my group here:

Mari did something special for herself and something special for her hubby. She was relaxed and excited and had an amazing, fun good session with me.


Thank you for sharing your beauty with me, I am honoured and so grateful to you! Thank you for the marketing chats, for loving me and my crazy pets, you are in my heart forever more

Book your sessions, do something special for you! 
You are worth it!

I only have a few slots left for this year, and then I’m closing to go to Mozambique for ten days (can you believe it?? – so excited!!)

Much Love
Ursula T

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