I did a four generations session a few months back, just look at this.

Shirley – great gran 73
Linda – gran 53
Natasha – mom 23
Brooklyn Lee – baby girl 2 months old (biggest eyes ever looking at my pets – very funny and cute)

This is not something you get to see everyday, nor capture. What a blessing this is!

Tash, was in a terrible car accident, and similar to me, has no use at all of her right arm or hand. She is walking though, and let me tell you, I was blown away by her. She handles her baby one-handed, I am talking feeding, changing, carrying – the full works! Amazing!!!

In this session, I was reminded of how resilient we are as a species. We learn to adapt, move forward.

I have huge respect and admiration for stories like this. Strength and courage and still smiling through it all.

Generation sessions….

Let me create your legacy…

Much Love
Ursula T