Interview on Candid Frame

Am I famous yet?

I was recently interviewed on candid frame in the USA. So Nerve wrecking! But My story is inspiring, and I hope you find it inspiring too.

Here is the podcast of my passion overcoming my disability, and an email received (copy and paste the link) I do not like my voice at all lol

“I just wanted to thank you for your recent interview with Ursula Tocik, episode #358.

I started with photography in 1983 when I had photography as a high school elective. I continued with photography in college when I worked as a staff photographer for the sports department. After college I put the camera down until I started having kids.

I began a career in law enforcement in the mid-90’s and because of the odd hours slowly walked away from the camera. Two years ago I was diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease that will end a career I have loved for 20 years. Realizing that I can no longer do what I love I began to battle depression.

I have felt adrift and creatively “dead” for awhile now. That is until episode #358. I connected with the interview with Ursula on several levels. I dug out my camera gear and feel a new passion for my long time love of photography. I am no longer feeling sorry for myself but instead focusing on what I CAN do, not what I can’t.

Thank you for an inspirational interview for someone sharing the struggle with a disability and their love of photography. As a long time listener of your podcast I have come to expect top notch interviews wih interesting subjects and TCF has quickly become one of my favorites.


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